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Mon, Nov 19, 2018 | Last Updated 7:16 pm IST

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NCBN to be among the Ranks of Worlds Best Statesmen

NCBN to be among the Ranks of Worlds Best Statesmen
NCBN to be among the Ranks of Worlds Best Statesmen
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Alphabet P is the trouble monger for AP CM #NCBN. Polavaram Project delay is haunting AP CM with Center inducing immense pressure for Completion even with acute shortage in  funds allocation,  but also intefering in to it by stating to  complete  the project on its own. 

NCBN to be among the Ranks of Worlds Best Statesmen

Pratyeka Hodha (Special Category Status for AP) which resulted in Breakup of ties between Ruling BJP and TDP, leaving  #NCBN  bent on fighting  out the case  alone to appease the people of AP and expose the Ruling partys biased attitude on AP state.Pujari Ramana Dikshutulu  ( Former Chief priest of TTD) several allegations on misgovernance of TDP and TTD stating the immense  pressures inducted on the  priest's in the temple  and ornaments from the abode of Lord Venkateswara missing from the Temple Premises, also asking for an enquiry to bring out the real facts behind it  by throwing  light on the misleading shadow.

 #NCBN has rubbished the allegations as baseless and labelling it as a political Stunt of Centre  in defaming Telugu Desam Party in AP by using  Former Priest Ramana Dikshutulu .#NCBN is least bothered about the political game played by BJP by maligning his name in above cases,  but also roping in a famous Actor and his newly formed party to fight against him,  and  negotiating with YSR Congress Supremo YS Jagan to take on TDP in coming 2019 elections with assured Support to him . 

People are aware about #NCBN strategies and his development goals that elevated Hyderabad to be highlighted on World Map and striving hard to steer the new Capital Amravathi to be World hub for Business and Tourist Attraction.You can't expect the Sown Seeds to grow in to a Large Banyan Tree within days,  a daunting task which our Ruling BJP expects #NCBN to administer.Time is the best Healer,  all the  Shortfalls,  Allegations on TDP will burn into ashes and the TDP Leader  #NCBN will again rise to be recognized globally and be highlighted to be one among  the ranks of World's Best Statesmen.

NCBN to be among the Ranks of Worlds Best Statesmen
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