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Sun, Jan 20, 2019 | Last Updated 4:22 am IST

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Why Naidu is ignoring Galla family..?

Why Naidu is ignoring Galla family..?
Why Naidu is ignoring Galla family..?

The politically and industrially popular family in Andhra Pradesh, Galla, is now feeling ignored and let down in the ruling Telugu Desam Party these days. The family which was active in the Congress in the undivided State shifted to the TDP after the bifurcation. While Galla Aruna had lost the 2014 elections, her son Jaydev Galla had won the Guntur Lok Sabha seat. Interestingly, Jaydev, a first-timer in politics, had won the applaud of his own partymen when he made his debut speech in Lok Sabha addressing Narendra Modi as Mr. Prime Minister in his American English. There was nothing to be remembered and significant than Mr. Prime Minister in his hour-long speech in Parliament during the last budget session.

Why Naidu is ignoring Galla family..?

But, then, the celebrations are over for his victorious speech. The family feels the heat and his mother, Aruna is feeling ignored and neglected at her home Chandragiri Assembly constituency. She blamed the TDP leadership for not recognising her services and not giving her any important post either in the party or in the government. She held a meeting with her followers in Chandragiri where she made her feelings open.

Why Naidu is ignoring Galla family..?

At one point, she had given enough indications that she would quit the party soon. But, the TDP leaders from Chittoor prevailed on her and silenced her for the time being. Her son and Guntur MP, Jaydev too had announced that his mother would stay with the TDP and there are no plans to quit the party.

But the fact is that the family feels the heat from Chandrababu Naidu. The family is related to film actor Mahesh Babu’s family and Chandrababu Naidu wants Galla family to rope in Mahesh Babu’s family for the party’s 2019 electioneering. Though Mahesh Babu had campaigned for Jaydev in the last election, he did not help the TDP. But Naidu was comfortable with Narendra Modi and Pawan Kalyan helping him at that point of time. Now, there is no such glamour Chandrababu Naidu looks forward to the popular hero, Mahesh Babu to help TDP.

Why Naidu is ignoring Galla family..?

Mahesh Babu is said to be in favour of YSR Congress chief Jaganmohan Reddy. It is not just Mahesh Babu, who is silently helping Jaganmohan Reddy. Top heroes like Nagarjuna and Venkatesh too favour Jaganmohan Reddy. Mahesh Babu’s uncle Ghattamaneni Seshagiri Rao is already with the YSR Congress. As if this is not enough, veteran super star and Mahesh Babu’s father Krishna, in an interview to Sakshi TV had admitted that he preferred Jaganmohan Reddy as Chief Minister and asserted that the young leader would be the next Chief Minister.

These comments were not in the liking of Chandrababu Naidu who fears a threat to his TDP if Mahesh Babu’s family talks like this ahead of the elections. It is for this reason, he is insisting on the Galla family to get the film hero to back his party for which Mahesh Babu is unwilling. As they are not able to bring Mahesh Babu to him, Chandrababu Naidu is said to be ignoring the Galla family, which is visible in the political circles.

Why Naidu is ignoring Galla family..?
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