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Tue, Sep 25, 2018 | Last Updated 2:17 pm IST

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Highways commission creates new sensation!

Highways commission creates new sensation!
Highways commission creates new sensation!
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The highways commission has given a report to the environment ministry demanding the conversion of 8 way road project between Chennai to Salem into a 6 way project. Tamilnadu government has been planning an 8 way road project between Chennai to Salem in the name of Greenways road, and for this project, the government had been confiscating and seizing lands of common public, facing wrath of people and court, besides also troubling the lives of farmers and general public.


Many agricultural lands and traditional architectural buildings were seized. In such a situation a sensation report has come out, as per which, the Highway department has given a report to the environment ministry demanding the conversion of 8 way road into 6 way road project, adding that in the future, 8 way project can be done and now there was no need, and hence the length of the road will be reduced from 90 meters to 70 meters, as the land needed has been reduced from 2560 hectares to 1900 hectares and of the forest lands, instead of earlier planned 300 acres, only 103 acres will be used.

 Highways commission creates new sensation!

In forest areas, roads will be made only for 9 meters and not the previous planned 13.2 meters.  The project cost has also been reduced from 10000 crores to 7210 crores as almost 2790 crores were spent in planning itself and hence the project can be only a 6 way road project.

Highways commission creates new sensation!



Highways commission creates new sensation!
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