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Thu, Jan 17, 2019 | Last Updated 11:30 pm IST

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House owner's snoring issues!

House owner's snoring issues!
House owner's snoring issues!
These days even snoring could create huge legal issues for people. In Canada's Quebec City, there's a huge apartment building, and a woman residing there has severe snoring issues for many years. As she begins sleeping, extremely loud sounds of snoring will be out, disturbing tenants around her apartment as well.

House owner

Due to this, she was even advised by the owner of the apartment to consult a doctor as her snoring was abnormally loud. However, the woman never bothered about the owner's advise. Day by day her snoring sounds got increased to unbearable levels hugely impacting the sleep of residents around and they complained to the owner who was irritated even more now, as she had already not listened to his advice of doctor consultation.

He immediately filed a case In the court demanding her to relocate from the apartment, and the woman also filed a case against the owner at the residence welfare organization. However, the court dismissed her claim and has ordered her to consult a doctor.

House owner's snoring issues!
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