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Mon, Oct 21, 2019 | Last Updated 11:31 pm IST

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American birds attack humans!

American birds attack humans!
American birds attack humans!

In United States of America, a police complaint has been given against birds that they've consumed drugs and are disturbing humans. America's Minnesota area's Gilbert station police officers had released an announcement informing people to be safe from birds. As per the announcement, the birds were drugged, and might trouble humans.


No this is not the story of upcoming SciFi movie 2.0 starring superstar Rajinikanth but the birds have hit humans, sat on heads, hit cars and windows of houses and have traveled in cars as well.

 American birds attack humans!

After public gave police complaint, it was investigated and found that the birds were in inebriated state, and this drugged phase was because these birds had consumed bad fruits. It was said that this inebriated phase of birds will be over after 2-3 days.

American birds attack humans!
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