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Thu, Oct 18, 2018 | Last Updated 10:47 am IST

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How to perform Ayudha Pooja?

How to perform Ayudha Pooja?
How to perform Ayudha Pooja?
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Firstly mark out the area where you want to perform the Pooja. Choose an area where the tools and objects won't be disturbed. Decide the tools that you want to set aside for the Pooja. The tools chosen are the ones that are important to you and help you in your daily life. A carpenter may worship the tools used by him, a musician may worship his musical instruments and a student may worship his books and pens. Make sure that the tools are all cleaned properly before you set it aside for the Pooja.

Apply dots of sindoor and turmeric on the tools or machinery. Remember that sindoor and turmeric may cause stains. So, if you have stain-able tools or books for the Pooja, choose an area where it would not be a hindrance. Banana saplings can be tied to the doors of your work place, Pooja area or to the vehicles you use. This step is optional. Scatter some flowers on the things kept aside for Pooja. Place some betel leaves, arecanuts and the bananas on a banana leaf. Place fruits and the sugarcane pieces too.

How to perform Ayudha Pooja?

Mix the jaggery powder and puffed rice. Place this on the leaf too. Take the whole coconut and break it and offer it on the leaf. Light agarbattis and use the camphor to do Arati. Everyone present may seek blessings and pray for success in their endeavors. Pumpkins and lemons are used to ward off Drishti or evil eye. Share the fruits, betel leaves and neivedya with friends and family. The tools and other things kept for Pooja can be taken from their places and be used on the Vijaya Dashami day.


How to perform Ayudha Pooja?
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