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Wed, Oct 16, 2019 | Last Updated 11:04 pm IST

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68 year old brutally killed!

68 year old brutally killed!
68 year old brutally killed!

A 68 year old person named Kuppan had cried to his wife complaining of severe stomach ache and that was also his last words in his life. Kuppan belongs to Modakuruchi's Dhoorapalayam village. He has a son and a daughter and even in this elderly age he was working hard as it was with his earnings that the family was living. Even without having food, Kuppan had worked hard for days, but the employers did not pay him his wages for more than twenty days. On 10 October, Kuppan had been to his bosses to get his monthly wages.


However the employer was angered by Kuppan coming to ask money and questioned how dare he came to ask money and Kuppan replying that he did not come to ask money but had come for the wages for his work, further angered employer who kicked Kuppan and thrashed him brutally.

 68 year old brutally killed!

Following this he was unable to stand, and later his stomach started to increase in size and swell, and he later said his wife of severe stomach pain, but due to excessive blood loss, passed away. Now the villagers and Kuppan family are fighting before Modakuruchi SP office to take immediate action and arrest the employer or else they won't take Kuppan's body. However police have not paid heed to their request and have filed only a case of suspicion.

68 year old brutally killed!
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