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Fri, Jan 18, 2019 | Last Updated 12:15 pm IST

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Why do we worship Hindu Goddess during Navaratri?

Why do we worship Hindu Goddess during Navaratri?
Why do we worship Hindu Goddess during Navaratri?

Durga' or 'Durgi', a female Hindu goddess is one of the forms of female goddess ‘Parvathi’ who is the isolated form of ‘Prakruti’ (nature). 'Durga' Pooja means Worshiping Goddess 'Durga', and 'Durga' being a female goddess, 'Durga' Pooja means Worshiping of female goddess 'Durga'. That is why they worship the female Goddess 'Durga' during 'Durga' Pooja. And one more thing please make sure and think once or twice and then state clearly whatever you are asking so that one will be able to help you better.

Because she protects the innocent and the vulnerable, battles demons and the egregious corrupt control of tyrants, battles ignorance and vice, prosecutes criminal acts against women, children and the elderly, and generally kicks ass against the unrighteous.

Why do we worship Hindu Goddess during Navaratri?

The name Durga itself indicates that, she removes all the obstacles in person’s life, instantly. It is good for teenage girls and women (who are solo travelers, travelling frequently to schools, colleges and office) to chant om dum durgayai namah’ in order to reach home safer. Successful people have unknown or secret enemies. In order to remove enemies from your life you need to worship goddess Durga.

Why do we worship Hindu Goddess during Navaratri?
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