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Wed, Nov 21, 2018 | Last Updated 2:50 am IST

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Why North Indian Brothers & Sisters to learn from South Indian ones?

Why North Indian Brothers & Sisters to learn from South Indian ones?
Why North Indian Brothers & Sisters to learn from South Indian ones?
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Respecting own mother tongue

You will always be ready to fight world wars for your “National language” Hindi, but the real thing is that you have habit to look down upon its literature & don't consider language worthy enough for respect. English is always a matter of class for us. Also, non Hindi speaking North Indian states are observing a tendency to sacrifice their mother tongue for Hindi which needs to be ceased. Respect your language in reality & not just make talks about it.

General civic sense 

When you'll be in South India, you can clearly observe that people down there have a good Civic sense, they follow parking rules and traffic rules to a higher extend then North Indians and the encroachment levels are quite low. We need to follow it too. And yes, throwing paan masala and smoking isn't to be done in public well, our public & police needs to learn from them how to ensure it.

Why North Indian Brothers & Sisters to learn from South Indian ones?

Traditional lesson

South Indians have a better grip and knowledge about their culture, while in North it's considered quite Ok not to know about that. Well, in some cases, not their fault, some States do not have inherited culture here. Traditional dresses aren't worn much here, which aren't deemed modern and hence abandoned while a greater percentage of people can be observed donning traditional dresses down there.

Why North Indian Brothers & Sisters to learn from South Indian ones?
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