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Sat, Jul 20, 2019 | Last Updated 9:43 pm IST

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Maj Gen Karnik's appeal for 2019 elections: WHY OPPOSE Mr MODI ?

Maj Gen Karnik's appeal for 2019 elections: WHY OPPOSE Mr MODI ?
Maj Gen Karnik's appeal for 2019 elections: WHY OPPOSE Mr MODI ?
1 Is Mr Modi, a foreigner ?
Has he had politically questionable life and is of bad character ?
Has he given any advantage, to his relatives, because he is on highest post of India ?
Is he anti national ?
Does he avoid work ?
Is he irresponsible ?
Is he imbalanced ?

2. The answers to all these questions, is a big NO. Then why are people developing an allergy to his name ?   

3. It is a conspiracy of thieves, corrupt people, and media who misused their power, when in the Congress government and those who got undue favours from Congress government. Such people are misguiding general public and smartly organising negative propaganda, so they can loot the country again, as they were able to do so till 2014. Till 2014, these thieves, corrupt Deshdrohis were ruling us.
Mr Vajpayee was not supported by us in 2004, and we all had to suffer for 10 years. Now, if Mr Modi does not continue, we will be :
(a) Misruled for a 100 years, 
(b) This country will be divided, and,
(c) once again we, specially Hindus, (if at all, Hindus survive) will be slaves.
3. Many are accusing Mr Modi for :-
(a) Not building Ram Mandir.
(b) Not removing Article 370.
(c) Sharing government, with the PDP in J & K.
(d) Not depositing Rs 15 lakhs, in everyone’s account.
(e) Demonetizing currency.
(f) Dictatorial tendency.
(g) Being anti poor.
(h) Not giving “Acche Din”.      

4. Ask yourself :
(a) Did you get 100% marks in all subjects in examinations ?
(b) Did you purchase a house during your first job in the very 1st first year ?
(c) Do you build the fifth floor first or do you complete the foundation of the house, first ?
(d) While starting the car, do you apply fifth gear 1st, instead of first gear ?

5. Also Ask yourself a :-
(a) Who has the ability to build a Ram Mandir, ultimately?
(b) Who has the ability to have a stable government?
(c) Who can remove Article 370?
(d) Who can look after poor people of India & bring them out of poverty ?
(e) Who can ensure security of India ?
(f) Who can ensure that India is not broken ?
(g) Who is working 24 hours a day for welfare of people ?

6. Think over this :--
a. Who partioned this country ?
b. Who called for cease fire, when we were winning during 1947 and left 1/3 J & K with Pakistan ? This has become constant source of trouble for us and for our generations to come.
c. Who was in power, when China humiliated this country ?
d. Who was in power when Mumbai blasts took place ?
e. Who killed 4000 Sikhs in riots ?
f. Who allowed and encouraged illegal Bangladeshis to enter and settle in India ?
g. Under whom, maximum corruption took place ?
h. Who returned Captured territory in 1965, like Hajipir Pass and returned one lakh POW’s of Pakistan, without any return in 1971 ?
i. Who was in government, when Kashmiri Pandits were driven out from J & K ?
j. Who removed Doordarshan logo “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”?
k. Who removed “Satyameva Jayate” from our coins ?
l. Who treated Hindus as second class citizen…

Maj Gen Karnik's appeal for 2019 elections: WHY OPPOSE Mr MODI ?
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