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Tue, Oct 22, 2019 | Last Updated 12:21 am IST

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Ozone Layer is on safer side

Ozone Layer is on safer side
Ozone Layer is on safer side

Accordingly the findings of a new UN backed report released yesterday revealed the ongoing healing of the ozone layer are being hailed as a demonstration of what global environmental agreements can achieve, and an inspiration for more ambitious climate action to halt a catastrophic rise in world temperatures.


Meanwhile the ozone layer, a thin shield 15-45 km above the earth, protects life on earth, which was put on the path of recovery due to the globally agreed actions that did not remain on paper as in case of climate change but were implemented as per the agreed schedule under the historic Multilateral Environmental Agreement called the Montreal Protocol. Furthermore the consequences of such high energy UV rays included higher incidences of skin cancers, cataracts, loss of immune systems and lower production of food on land and fish in the oceans.

 Ozone Layer is on safer side

Moreover Satellite and ground level observations by NASA, the NOAA, the European Space Agency and scores of the weather stations around the globe have clearly divulged that the world is now safer than what it was in 1980s at least from a deadly attack of the UV rays. Hence recovery of the ozone layer has been up to 3% per decade since the start of the 21st century.

Ozone Layer is on safer side
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