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Sun, May 26, 2019 | Last Updated 9:42 am IST

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PK affect on Three Parties!

PK affect on Three Parties!
PK affect on Three Parties!

Major political parties and news channels start their analysis on AP. Both YSRCP and TDP were claim the increase in polling % towards their victory. But on a whole, the term ‘PK’ would decide the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh. Three PKs like Prasanth Kishore (PK), Pavan Kalyan (PK) and Pasupu Kumkuma (PK) would decide the real winner in AP.

Prasanth Kishore was appointed as political advisor for YSRCP. First time one political party approached and asked to render his services in AP. PK has some positive track record in various states like in Bihar for Nitish and Punjab for Congress. After seeing his performance, Jagan was decided to appoint his as political advisor. PK has played vital role in YSRCP from selecting the candidates to drafting the manifesto for YSRCP. Some of the senior leaders felt sad when Jagan gave importance to PK than their political seniority. If Jagan will not come into power this time PK will become first culprit in YSRCP.

Pavan Kalyan has step into direct politics after he formed Jena Sena in 2013. Pavan deserted TDP after 4 years and created his own platform along with Left and BSP in general elections. Now, everyone has doubt whose vote that Pavan take away. Is it TDP’s or YSRCP’s? Majority of Millennium voters (who bon after 2000 year) in the state would prefer Jena Sena as their choice. It is sure that Pavan’s impact would limit too few districts in Coastal Andhra. Did his community backed completely at him? Yes! There is some impact on TDP and YSRCP because of Pavan Kalyan.

Pasupu Kumkuma is the programe that designed by CBN just three months before the elections. CBN offered 10K for ladies with three instalments with three post dated cheques (February, March and April). Most of the ladies feel comfortable after seeing their last cheque on April 05th on Pasupu Kumkuma. This causes huge turnout among the ladies and stayed in line till midnight to cast their vote to TDP.

 YSRCP mentioned that people waited long time to cast their vote to dethrone CBN govt. Now, the question arises would CBN govt has such anti-incumbency. TDP said that women voters voted to TDP because of Pasupu Kumkuma and NTR Housing Scheme. Three PKs would decide who will come to the power on May 23rd.

PK affect on Three Parties!
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