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Fri, Oct 18, 2019 | Last Updated 11:52 pm IST

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Kudos to CBN

Kudos to CBN
Kudos to CBN

Nara Chandrababu Naidu is celebrating his 69th birthday. Once we revive his political history it is very hard to believe CBN survival in AP politics since 4 decades. As he saying, creating an opportunity from every crisis and grow like anything in the politics. He is doing politics since 40 years and he is center of the attraction since last 25 years in AP politics. Soon after he took the charge from NTR, he dominates AP politics like anything and he is still continuing his dominance.

CBN becomes MLA first time in 1978 from Chandragiri as Congress candidate along with other counterparts like YSR (Pulivendula) and KE (Dhone). As per some political analysts, 1978 political batch creates trend in dressing style (Pant and Shirt) in AP. Earlier, political leaders used to wear lungi and dhoti. When we observe his phenomenal political growth in Andhra Pradesh, there was lot of determination, hard work and patience of CBN behind that.

There are two turning points during his career. First turning point in his career is marriage with Bhuvaneswari. He married then Super Star NTR’s daughter in 1980 when he was Minister under Anjaiah Cabinet. In the same way NTR has ruling the tollywood at that time and even NTR didn’t decide to step into politics. The second and most important one during his career is sudden death of NTR. It would be tough time for CBN to face Parliament elections in 1996 if NTR alive. NTR has preparing to launch new political party after CBN take charge from him in 1995 August. People were obviously backed NTR in 1996 elections if he lived. NTR’s sudden death gives the opportunity to take control on TDP completely.

Learning and growing period in TDP politics (1989-1994): NTR was decided to boycott the Assembly when Congress was continuously teased him, He took oath that he will back as CM and entered in AP assembly after defeating Congress. CBN has used this as chance to improve his grip in TDP and build the party from booth level. CBN can able to call party worker with name. That much hold he has on TDP.

Difficult 10 years period (2004-2014): He lost two elections in this period, Telangana moment in Telangana and sudden emergence of YSRCP in AP cornered both TDP and CBN, Every one suspect whether TDP can survive or not in Telugu States. CBN was back again in 2014 in AP and remains in opposition in Telangana.

Changed politician (2014-Present): He acts as CEO of AP when his 9 years tenure not as CM, He implemented reforms in the state that creates many remarks against him. He promoted IT at that time Congress alleged that CBN neglects irrigation and agriculture. After 2014 elections, he gave importance to development and welfare as well. This is the most visible change in this period. CBN has waiting for people verdict once again to become CM for AP.

Kudos to CBN
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