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Sun, Aug 25, 2019 | Last Updated 8:54 pm IST

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Why KCR extended his silence on CBN?

Why KCR extended his silence on CBN?
Why KCR extended his silence on CBN?

CBN used KCR’s name during the election campaign in AP to attack Jagan. He did almost in every meeting in AP like what KCR did at the time of Telangana Elections in December 2018. TRS leaders were maintained silence even there was huge provocation from AP TDP leaders. They thought that if they start counter to TDP it would be benefit to TDP and CBN which TRS leaders doesn’t like. If we remember KCR and KTR statements against CBN after the completion of Telangana Elections in Dec 2018, CBN should fight with KCR in addition to Jagan and Modi.

KCR assured return gift to CBN after getting his victory in Telanagana. KTR openly made statement that People of Andhra Pradesh should send CBN to home and made Jagan as CM. At one stage, KTR said that KCR would give an appeal to all AP people not to vote to TDP. YSRCP leaders received KCR at Vizag Airport with huge gathering and KTR met YS Jagan at Lotus Pond and invited YSRCP into Federal Front. CBN has used this meeting to expose Jagan’s hidden relationship with KCR and threatened farmers in particular on releasing water from Srisailam Dam. That forced both father and son silent on CBN.

Why TRS has continued silence even after the completion of AP elections? There are many versions on TRS silence now. KCR would get clear information on TDP success in AP after May 23rd. If KCR talked on CBN it would be bounce back to TRS after May 23rd. KCR is in thought that CBN’s help might required at National Level for TRS if both Congress and BJP fails to get enough majority after May 23rd. CBN has more personal image than KCR at Delhi with other leaders. TRS has decided not to leave any chance to play key role at National level.

Why KCR extended his silence on CBN?
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