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Tue, Oct 22, 2019 | Last Updated 2:53 pm IST

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5 TDP Leaders arrested for attacking YSRCP Leaders

5 TDP Leaders arrested for attacking YSRCP Leaders
5 TDP Leaders arrested for attacking YSRCP Leaders
According to sources five Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders were arrested by the Dharmavaram police for their role in an attack on YSR Congress Party leaders and destroying their vehicles on the day (April 11) after the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections were over. Meanwhile, the arrest came a month after the case was filed. While five of them were arrested, three of them were said to be absconding.

Furthermore the day after the elections were conducted in Mudigubba ,TDP activists attacked local YSRCP leaders and burnt vehicles in the carnage that followed. Moreover enraged that they voted for the YSRCP, the TDP leaders also destroyed diggers, cement mixers and other construction-related vehicles belonging to a YSRCP leader Nagesh. Apparently YSRCP aided alleged that these attacks were done at the behest of TDP MLA Varadapuram Suri.

Earlier in Dorigillu Road in Mudigubba Mandal TDP activists burnt a 3-acre banana plantation along with farming equipment belonging to a farmer named paramesh and the loss was estimated at Rs 5 Lakh. Further in Eedulapalli, a YSRCP leader named lakshmi Reddy was also attacked by TDP leaders.In another instance an ambulance belonging to a person named Prathap Reddy was also torched because he and another person named prabhakar Reddy had objected to TDP MLA Suri's son nithin Sai for conducting campaigns in the night time and disturbing others. Reportedly TDP activists threatened them and came on the next day after elections were and attacked them and burnt the ambulance parked outside their home. Perhaps the victim filed a complaint with the police and the estimated loss was said to be around Rs 10 Lakh.

5 TDP Leaders arrested for attacking YSRCP Leaders
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