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Tue, Oct 22, 2019 | Last Updated 2:21 pm IST

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Is this the outcome of CBN meeting with Ramoji Rao?

Is this the outcome of CBN meeting with Ramoji Rao?
Is this the outcome of CBN meeting with Ramoji Rao?

In general, it could not banner heading or news when AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu met Media Baron ramoji rao but it could happened as sensational news in Two Telugu States now. Why CBN sudden meeting with Ramoji one week before the results are out? Why the meeting details not revealed to media including Ramoji’s own? No photographs and content covered in any media on this meeting.

YSRCP feels that Ravi Prakash was published false news against jagan when Ravi Prakash was CEO of TV-9. But YSRCP’s SAKSHI fried different news in its kitchen on CBN and Ramoji meeting. CBN met Ramjet to bailout former CEO of TV-9 Ravi Parkash. SAKSHI has published this as banner heading today. As per the news from SAKSHI, CBN requested Ramjet not to put cases against Ravi Prakash. TDP counters YSRCP what is the necessity of CBN in saving Ravi Prakash. Reportedly, the meeting of CBN and Ramoji is different. Both are discussed on politics that happened at india.

Ramoji asked CBN to think who will become new Prime Minister for india after May 23rd. Reportedly, Ramoji suggested Vice President Venkaiah name for new Prime Minister to CBN. If Venkaiah name comes forward we don’t see much resistance from Telangana Chief Minister kcr side. Ramoji is hard core anti-Congress right from the beginning. Either NDA or UPA didn’t get absolute majority it seems after seeing the polling trends. Regional Parties domination is inevitable and CBN is taking lead to gather all of them along with Congress to counter BJP. Will CBN consider Ramoji’s suggestion or not?

Is this the outcome of CBN meeting with Ramoji Rao?
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