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Mon, Oct 21, 2019 | Last Updated 11:49 pm IST

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Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India
Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India

In Present india, what is Corruption???


Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

hyderabad, 10th June 2019


Respected Prime Minister,


“Congratulations for Winning the 2nd term with thumping Majority”


Sir, though you won the 2nd term with the thumping majority, unlike in the 1st term, it appears you have created a “coccus group”, which is bad for the party as well to the nation, more particularly to south Indian States.  All the eight committees created by you were filled with this coccus group. Niti Aayog is also filled with the same coccus group. Already Niti Aayog has very poor reputation, a dud committee with poor quality reports. Even the Central Water Commission is misleading the nation by reporting >25-30% excess water availability estimates in Indian rivers, which I brought to your kind notice through a mail in 2018.

Sir, similar coccus group was created from leaders from Karnataka and Maharashtra by Congress in its 2nd term and through their anti-people actions Congress was rooted out in AP. The same Congress leaders from AP are running the BJP in AP.

Sir, unfortunately you gave zero importance to south Indian States in all your actions. South india is not a separate country like pakistan or bangladesh but it is part and parcel of india.  Also, poor quality leaders jumped from other political parties with some malafide intensions are now representing your party in these states – fence sitters!!!

Sir, you must not forget the fact that north Indian people voted to you as they did not want a south Indian like the CMs of two Telugu states. Due to some compulsions in the past two south Indians became PMs of india. This is clear from the voting pattern in MP, delhi & Rajasthan.

Sir, now let me come to the main issue “corruption”. Does the government really think that individuals amassing wealth through illegal means are alone come under corruption? Worse corruption is seen with the ruling parties at the States and at the Centre: They are trying to kill the opposition by encouraging/coercing elected representatives from other parties to join the ruling parties without resigning for the post they were elected. People elected them on a particular political symbol. People did not authorize them to shift to other party with different symbol through corrupt means.  This is more dangerous to the nation and thus creates “mobocracy” by killing democracy.


•       The “pouching culture” in fact started with the splitting of states in to smaller states, more particularly in the north-northeastern states;

•       Regional political parties sprang up based on caste-religion-region, etc. with the ambition of gaining power at the State or at the Centre. Pouching of elected representatives from other parties has become a common practice to retain or get power;

•      Political parties not getting majority to form government or to have monopoly in governance, political parties started pouching opposition party candidates by bribing-offering money or position or contracts, etc.;

•       This activity degraded the rulers to a level of former smuggler Veerappan and affecting the states development. In this process poor are still poor; and rich becoming richer;

•      In the case of Andhra Pradesh, immediately after election results were announced in 2014, TDP started pouching of YSRCP “MPs and MLAs”. The speakers at the Centre and at the Sates level became blind spectators for such notorious actions. Even the Central rulers indulged in such acts, unfortunately;

•       The same was followed by TRS in Telangana not only after 2014 elections but also after 2019 elections. They went a step ahead and started merging a national political party of century old in to TRS a regional party, shamelessly. Central government is simply watching the puppet show. The central government or the election commission did not question the veracity of going for separate elections to MLAs and MPs that wasted huge sum of public money.  TRS even after taking oath by CM, ministers were not inducted as to see the performance of the elected leaders in getting positive results in local body elections and MP elections. In this process huge sum of black money changed hands.  Where from this money has come to ruling party. Is it from the unplanned irrigation projects??? One of the MPTC contenders who paid six lakhs to Panchayat, now he demanded that money back as the panchayat did not vote for him. This drama was shown on TV. It is a big question: How much ZPTC paid to MPTC to vote for him??? Same way MLAs and MPs – recently a report was published in newspaper on this issue – running in to thousands of crores;

•       In Karnataka also this game was/is seen in 2014 and 2019 elections. Again with BJP win at the Centre, pouching activity started with money bags and by offering political posts. Now, BJP in AP is in full action to fill from other parties. It is a fact that current BJP in AP  is nothing but Congress;

Sir, as long as this system of corruption rules the roots, nobody can stop the individual corruption. As a part of this game governments are dividing districts so that they can run with the help of corrupt to the core officials. Thus will not only ruin the state exchequer but is dangerous to the people.

Sir, now nation has given you a huge mandate, Sir, you can eradicate this menace.




Sir, to stop such high level disgraceful actions by ruling political parties at the States and at the Centre, there is an urgent need to change the constitution in terms of:


•       limiting the political parties,

•      A person or persons elected on a particular symbol when he intends to join another party with another symbol, he must resign and join that party,

•      Nobody is allowed to instantly come up with a new political party based on caste, religion, region, etc.

Unless these are achieved there will not be any control over the four pillars of the constitution in indulging corrupt practices and thus we may push democracy in to mobocracy that creates dictators like Hitler that ruin the nation and people of india, with more than 130 crores.  


With kind regards,


Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

Formerly Chief Technical Advisor – WMO/UN & Expert – FAO/UN

Fellow, Telangana Academy of Sciences [Founder Member]

Convener, Forum for a Sustainable Environment

[email protected]

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India
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