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Tue, Aug 20, 2019 | Last Updated 1:57 am IST

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Why Mudragada is silent now?

Why Mudragada is silent now?
Why Mudragada is silent now?

Mudragada padmanabham who fights relentlessly for Kapu Reservations since last 5 years has become silent in current scenario. He gave lot of troubles to CBN by doing the agitation on Kapu Reservations. Mudragada agitation reached peak and agitators ignite fire to Ratnachal Express after the completion of Mudragada meeting at Tuni. YS jagan said in the house that he will not accept any reservations for Kapu Community as proposed by CBN government in 2018.

It seems that whatever CBN proposed but not completed issues jagan decided not to go further on issues. People know CBN government was agreed for reservations even Kapu Reservations Committee Chairman Manjunath denied. He passed the resolution of Kapu Reservations and sent to Central Govt. Later, Central Government announced the plan of implementation of 10% OC quota in all states. Then Chief Minister CBN said Kapu community assigned 5% out of total 10% reservations from Central Government. But jagan said that Kapu Reservations would go from BC quota but not from OC as CBN proposed.

Why Mudragada is silent now after jagan’s statement? Will he start his agitation again now? What makes him mum even two days after jagan said no to Kapu Reservations? YSRCP get huge mandate from Godavari districts where Kapu Community has played dominant role in politics. Though jagan took U-turn on Kapu Reservations during election campaign because of various factors and split among the Kapu votes between TDP and Jena Sena, YSRCP won many segments in Godavari districts. It seems that Mudragada has silent for the time being and will start his agitation again on Kapu Reservations.

Why Mudragada is silent now?
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