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Sun, Oct 20, 2019 | Last Updated 9:26 am IST

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Pavan knowing the pain of fake allegations!

Pavan knowing the pain of fake allegations!
Pavan knowing the pain of fake allegations!

YSRCP made a campaign at the same time of elections that Jena Sena President Pavan kalyan worked for CBN’s political interests. YSRCP leaders started allegations again on Pavan kalyan in Social Media that Pavan took party fund from CBN. TDP was made an allegation that Pavan act as per BJP directions and said in Social Media that Pavan took money from BJP. Worried Power Star dared YSRCP leaders to prove the allegations against him.

During his West Godavari visit, Pavan kalyan said that he didn’t take single paisa from any political party. If YSRCP leaders prove I’ll quit from AP Politics. He said that these are baseless allegations. Pavan is asking proofs on YSRCP leaders allegations against him. Pavan too made baseless allegations against lokesh in public meeting. Pavan Kalyan said that lokesh had connection with sekhar Reddy who was TTD member at that time.

sekhar Reddy had many allegations that he able to get New 500/- and 2,000/- notes directly from RBI to his house in Chennai at the time of Demonetization in 2016. Pavan directly linked lokesh with Shekar Reddy. When reporters asked Pavan on proofs of his allegations against lokesh, Pavan said that he alerts the CBN to take care lokesh. He said that he heard the friendship of lokesh with sekhar Reddy in Social Media and didn’t have any proofs. Now, he is facing the similar allegations without proofs against him. It seems that YSRCP allegations against him would realize that vague allegations couldn’t convince the people.

Pavan knowing the pain of fake allegations!
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