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Thu, Sep 19, 2019 | Last Updated 1:12 am IST

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Why Chandrayaan 2 isn't a failed mission?

Why Chandrayaan 2 isn't a failed mission?
Why Chandrayaan 2 isn't a failed mission?

Chandrayaan 2’s lander Vikram lost contact with ISRO  2.1 km before landing on moon and though there is no information on the reasons, the Chandrayaan-2 mission that is estimated at Rs 978 crore isn't a failure. Here are five reasons why Chandrayaan 2 is not a failure yet.

 Why Chandrayaan 2 isn

As per an ISRO only five percent damage has been done, and the remaining 95 percent has successfully orbited the moon and can send pictures of the moon to ISRO. 


From 17 August 1958 to 12 September 1959, America and russia made 10 attempt to reach moon and  were successful in the 11th attempt. india and Europe have sent two missions to the moon, with a 100 percentage success rate and china had success in all their 9 missions. 


This is the closest for any space agency to the lunar south pole of the moon, as china, NASA, and Russian spacecrafts reached only the north and equatorial region.


india’s Chandrayaan-2 successfully carried out this mission at a cost of 978 crores with 603 crores spent in Chandrayaan-2 and its space mission and 375 crores on launching the mission. At this expense GSLV Mk III rocket launched Chandrayaan-2.


The orbiter which weighs 2379 kg can contact the Indian Deep Space Network (ISDN) in Bangalore. Payload on the orbiter using imaging IRS spectrometer can get data about availability of water and minerals on the lunar surface. The x-ray spectrometer on Chandrayaan-2 can find if magnesium, aluminum, silicon on moon with the help of sunlight reaching the surface.

Why Chandrayaan 2 isn't a failed mission?
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