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Wed, Sep 18, 2019 | Last Updated 6:11 am IST

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How pre-election GST manipulations were discovered?

How pre-election GST manipulations were discovered?
How pre-election GST manipulations were discovered?

Detectives from the GST department have been investigating malpractices by people who wish to avoid paying GST. These detectives have investigated fake invoice frauds by companies in Telangana who have generated fake invoices in order to avail benefits in tax. Most of these fakeinvoices were generated during the assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

These companies have not just tried to avoid paying tax but also have been doing circular trading which means that they have been not actually being supplying products and services where they have said that they do.

In the past 15 days or so three directors of infrastructure companies, 2 subcontractors for irrigation projects and some people in road construction have been arrested by the Director general of GST intelligence. They have been sent to the Chanchalguda jail in hyderabad. The total fraud is believed to amount at 50 crore. The DNC fraud is considered by officials to be 21 crore.

Whatever measures the government may take to instill responsibility in the common citizen,there will always be fraudulent elements who will try to take advantage of the loop holes in the system. Thankfully our officials are smart enough to catch hold of these miscreants and bring them to task as a lesson for others planning to commit similar frauds.

How pre-election GST manipulations were discovered?
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