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Mon, Oct 21, 2019 | Last Updated 6:27 am IST

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Is it first failure of Devulapalli Amar?

Is it first failure of Devulapalli Amar?
Is it first failure of Devulapalli Amar?

Devulapalli amar has appointed as National Media Advisor for AP. Though he belongs to Telangana, YS jagan has dared to appoint as National Media Advisor of the state. Co-ordination with National Media on AP government policies is the responsibility of Devulapalli Amar. Before general elections in AP, YSRCP received huge support from National Media than ruling TDP even though party doesn’t have Special Media Advisors.

It is clearly visible that YSRCP lacks co-ordination with National Media in Chalo Atmakur issue. Entire National Media was telecasted the scenes in AP on TDP’s Chalo Atmakur. National Media wants to know what is happening in AP after Chandrababu and lokesh were arrested. If AP government allowed TDP rally it is the news in AP only. Now, Chalo Atmakur became National News and TDP got massive publicity without putting any efforts.

YSRCP leaders blame Devulapalli Amar on importance of Chalo Atmakur news in National Media. amar has failed to co-ordinate with National Media on not giving much importance to TDP rally. In general, regional party’s programmes don’t get much coverage in National Media. As and when Police arrested CBN it becomes Flash News in National Media. Some of the National Media Channels encouraged local reporters on coverage of Chalo Atmakur.

Is it first failure of Devulapalli Amar?
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