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Wed, Oct 16, 2019 | Last Updated 1:01 am IST

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Which is dead project? Amaravati or Kaleswaram!

Which is dead project? Amaravati or Kaleswaram!
Which is dead project? Amaravati or Kaleswaram!

Telangana budget has reduced in FY 2019-2020 when compared with last FY 2018-2019. Without getting counter from Congress, kcr has tried to divert the issue with his oratory skills in the Assembly. He used Indian economy and Andhra Sentiment for his failure in the Assembly. He said that Amravati is dead investment that he suggested to CBN not to construct Amravati in Assembly. Raising Amravati topic in Assembly is irrelevant but he did just to cover his failures.

kcr government has repeatedly said that Kaleswaram project is like epic in the country than any other irrigation projects. Initially, the project started with 40K crores and now the budget has risen to 80K crores. But there is lot of discussion from Analysts how viable Kaleswaram project is? In recent floods to Godavari, the so called big project was unable to store enough water in the project. As per the analyst, per every acre it costs 50K to get water. Some of them criticized that Kaleswaram is valueless project.

But kcr and TRS leaders have created an opinion among the people that no one was dared to criticize Kaleswaram. Farmers voluntarily come and gave their fertile land 33K acres to government for the construction of Amravati. Here kcr government didn’t complete land procurement peacefully for Kaleswaram project. CBN’s lost made kcr happy because kcr knows that jagan unable to have vision like CBN to hit hyderabad. Whenever he has problem kcr throws venom on Andhra.

Which is dead project? Amaravati or Kaleswaram!
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