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Mon, Oct 21, 2019 | Last Updated 4:28 pm IST

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TRS, BJP, Congress, Devarakonda and Uranium Politics!

TRS, BJP, Congress, Devarakonda and Uranium Politics!
TRS, BJP, Congress, Devarakonda and Uranium Politics!

Telangana Politics zeroed on Nallamala and Uranium in resent past. Political parties in Telangana are blamed each other on mining of Uranium in Nallamala Forests. Two months back, Prof. Kodandaram had tried to go to Nallamala forest against the mining of Uranium but TRS Government arrested the Professor. Actor Vijaya Devarakonda highlighted the issue in Social Media calling for SaveNallamala tag. Till then no one knows what is happening in Nallamala.

Now, Uranium mining turns to political issue among TRS, Congress and BJP. TRS government passed the resolution and sent to Union Government against the mining of Uranium. ktr said that Telangana government never allowed for mining in Nallamala Forests. revanth from Congress said that TRS gave permissions in 2016 December and now played dirty politics. Kishan Reddy also blamed TRS government for giving permissions for Mining of Uranium in 2016.

Former Minister Jogu Ramanna committee submitted its report to Telangana Government that Nallamala forest has high quality of Uranium and TRS government gave permissions to mining. BJP government said that we are analyzing the quality of Uranium in Nallamala but not started to dig. Even if we do mining it will not affect to flora and fauna in Nallamala. Actor said that jagan is the only politician to stop Uranium mining in Nallamala. Can jagan go against kcr decision on Mining? Devarakonda will know the realty of politicians in real world. Thanks to vijay for raising the issue related to Two Telugu states.

TRS, BJP, Congress, Devarakonda and Uranium Politics!
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