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Thu, Oct 17, 2019 | Last Updated 2:29 pm IST

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A student ended up in a hospital after a Jackpot scuffle in 652 357 rupees.

A student ended up in a hospital after a Jackpot scuffle in 652 357 rupees.
A student ended up in a hospital after a Jackpot scuffle in 652 357 rupees.

The student didn't manage to share his Jackpot with a roommate for a sum of 652 357 rupees, and as a consequence he had to spend the whole evening in a hospital.

According to what the police say, the 21-years old Ravi Jadon, a college student that lives in a dormitory, has used a bank card of his roommate to register an online - draw game on the website. The roommate whose name is Amit Maurya trusted Ravi so he used to leave his bank card in a room.

I often used his bank card and got lots of debts, that is why I decided to try my luck in order to give it all back

Ravi told to the policemen.

The most interesting offer was from casino “Showlion”. I deposited about 2000 rupees on account! As the results I had 12000 there. I knew I had a chance to win without losing anything. And after 10 minutes and some actions I got it.My 12000 rupees quickly turned into 652 357 rupees!

Ivan couldn't believe his fortune.He won an enormous sum of money. But Amit couldn't experience the same happiness as his friend did.

Amit told the policemen his own version of the story.

Ravi said to me: “I have 2 news: a good one and a bad one. The bad one is that I have used your bank card”. After these words I wasn't able to listen to him.

Ravi distinguished that he had offered to share the prize, but Amit was very angry at him for using his card without permission. Their argument quickly turned into a scuffle that ended with a broken by Ravi's head bottle .

That day I drank. And when I am blind drunk, I am like an idiot...— continues Amit. «And again, Ravi knows that he deserves it.

Amit immediately went to the hospital where Ravi was stitched. When coming home after an awkward silence huys agreed to share the prize and Ravi's cost of treatment.

Young guys were school friends. That is why none of them asked for a criminal charge. But the police registered a case on them because lots of people complained on this incident. They were told that nobody was going to punish them at the college.

Answering the journalists' questions if it was worth to be injured, Ravi robbed the scar on his forehead and said:

"It seems like I am not at a loss."

Ravi is one of the top winners in casino “Showlion”, but of course there were even bigger wins. From the beginning of 2016 more than 1200 Indian citizens won money with a new internet-casino, and lots of them started with a little sum of money too.

Our reporter also tried himself at Jackpot, but unfortunately he won only 15000 rupees- it is sad not everyone can win such a big sum as Ravi did!

A student ended up in a hospital after a Jackpot scuffle in 652 357 rupees.
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