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Tue, Oct 15, 2019 | Last Updated 4:22 pm IST

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Reverse tendering has exposed TDP govts corruption: Anil Kumar

Reverse tendering has exposed TDP govts corruption: Anil Kumar
Reverse tendering has exposed TDP govts corruption: Anil Kumar

Minister for water resources, P Anil Kumar, discounted the allegations of TDP on reverse tendering in Polavaram Project. The minister said that the YSR Congress-led state government created history by saving Rs 59 crore and asserted that it had also exposed the corrupt deals of the TDP

government. “TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is making baseless allegations against the government on the reverse tendering only to cover up his corruption and divert the attention of the people from the money saved to the exchequer,” Anil Kumar said. He further said that the contractor who had received the Package No. 65 of the project in the last government at 4.77% excess brought it down by 15.6% in the reverse tendering.

He further sought to advise the critics of the government, particularly the TDP, to stop misleading people to cover up their corruption. He asserted that the government is open to allow any contractor to participate in the reverse tendering and observed that the Navayuga Group - which was dropped from the project, could also participate. “There is a judicial commission to monitor the process. The process is clean and clear.

There is transparency at every level and there is no space and scope for the TDP to make allegations,” Anil Kumar said. He also discounted the TDP’s claims of completing the Polavaram project by 70% and wondered how TDP could make such false claims by constructing just a diaphragm wall and rockfill dam.

Further, blaming TDP for not taking up the rehabilitation and resettlement package in the project he said, “TDP government was more interested in the engineering works where it made a lot of money from the contractors and completely ignored the rehabilitation.” ”All reservoirs in Andhra Pradesh are full to their capacity, people are getting jobs and the government is generating revenue from reverse tendering. This is all a sign of good governance,” the water resource minister said.

Reverse tendering has exposed TDP govts corruption: Anil Kumar
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