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Wed, Jan 24, 2018 | Last Updated 2:51 pm IST

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Worshiping Family Deity is more important

Worshiping Family Deity is more important
Worshiping Family Deity is more important
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Deivam or kula devatha (Family deity) is worshiped traditionally through generations (at least by 3 generations) of the family, ancestral god, the deity worshiped by our forefathers and relatives. Hence the deity will have more affinity to the families to which it is deity and will take care of our family and save us from hardships and obstacles. This deity can be any one of the Hindu deities.

The family deity for every family will be from one of these deities or the deities of one of the incarnations or aspects of these deities. The deity need not be in the place where the family house is presently situated as families might have migrated from one place to another. Kula Deivam is the guardian angel. Kulam means family and Deivam means god. This will be the main deity of the temple in ones ancestral village or town, though there may be other temples also nearby to this.

Worshiping Family Deity is more important

Kula Deivam is a deity of the ancestral village for generations after generations and where all members of the family do special offerings and is supposed to worship on special and important occasions like child birth, marriage or marriage anniversaries, buying house etc. Where the members of the family do not know which is their family deity and there is no chance to find out, they may be to go to a good and reputable astrologer and find out thorough he horoscope. 

Worshiping Family Deity is more important
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