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Why Hindus break coconut in Temple?

Why Hindus break coconut in Temple?
Why Hindus break coconut in Temple?
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The coconut is known as narikela in Sanskrit. It is also known as Shrifala, or “the auspicious fruit”. It is also known Mahafala, or great fruit to be offered to god. The coconut is used in various auspicious occasions. It is tied as a torana over the doors of homes during all auspicious functions. The coconut is also a symbol of fertility. Hence, a lady who wishes to conceive a child should plant a coconut tree or offer coconuts to gods or goddesses.

It is also used at occasions like weddings, festivals, the use of a new vehicle, construction of a bridge, laying the foundation stone of a house, etc. It’s as if the coconut guarantees that everything will go well with any project. The coconut being broken, also symbolizes the breaking of the ego the biggest thing coming in the way of personal and spiritual development. 

Why Hindus break coconut in Temple?

There is a custom of placing a coconut in front of the idol of god during all auspicious occasions. But not many know that at its root lies a violent practice. In ancient times, the custom was to make a human sacrifice to god. When societies realized how barbaric the act was, the human was replaced by a coconut.

Why Hindus break coconut in Temple?

Why Hindus break coconut in Temple?
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