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Mon, Oct 14, 2019 | Last Updated 11:29 pm IST

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Gemini 2019 Horoscope

Gemini 2019 Horoscope
Gemini 2019 Horoscope

You're up for anything and everything this year!Mercury, your chatty home planet, has three retrograde periods this year, in March, July, and November (starting in late October), and it spends most of its retro time in emotional water signs (versus the quickto-react fire signs it visited last year). Because water signs are highly intuitive, it will benefit you to use your gut instincts when you're confused or unsure of how to proceed. This might go against your logical nature, but you can get results by stepping outside your comfort zone and relying on your inner voice instead of cold, hard facts for a change.

Uranus moves into steady Taurus at the start of March, which could really shake things up. What is no longer working for you? Maybe a relationship (romantic or business) has run its course? Is it time to contemplate changing jobs? Or does your wardrobe or personal style need an overhaul? Whether it's a big or small change you're considering, this pair likes to remind you that change can be a very, very good thing.

The sun spends time in your sign in late May and into June, so you're super sociable and curious in these summer months. You lean to the intellectual side, so you want to learn everything you can about a wide range of topics, and you love to talk about what you've learned. Trivia nights were made for you, Gemini! Spending time with friends and family (and even strangers) talking and philosophizing about life is your favorite way to spend your spare moments.

Couples Horoscope:

There's a sunPluto conjunction in your sign in the middle of January that puts you squarely in charge and lets you dictate the outcome in most areas of your life (including love). Sure, there is a certain unpredictability that you'll always have to deal with, but right now your hunches regarding your love life are spot-on! What will you do with your newfound power? Use it to improve your relationship, of course!

Dreamy Neptune is retrograde in Pisces between late June and late November, so reality could get lost in translation from time to time. You're usually logical about matters of the heart, but right now you allow yourself to get lost in some of your better daydreams. How much does it matter if there's a huge disconnect between what you wish were true and what real life is actually like? Living in a dream world is fun for a while, but deep down you know that what goes up must come down eventually.

Venus rules your love life and visits your sign in June, and your curiosity motivates most of your romantic actions. How many times have you done something just to see what your partner would do? In your mind, there's nothing wrong with this kind of behavior, but your partner might be annoyed by it occasionally. You have your fun "up" side, but it usually comes with the flip side, which can be cold and distant (you ARE the Twins, after all). Just try to keep in mind how your moods affect your partner so that you can be the best companion possible.

 Money & Career Horoscope:

Be on the lookout for exciting new opportunities this year!The first of Mercury's retrograde periods starts in early March and ends near the end of the month in sensitive Pisces. Tbh, this isn't going to be the brightest time in your career or financial life. Even if you're normally a wordsmith or speaker extraordinaire, this transit could leave you stumbling over your words, making people question whether you know what you're talking about. You do. You're just having a hard time explaining it. If possible, delay making major presentations or speeches until you're feeling more eloquent.

A new Gemini moon in early June is an indication of something exciting on the horizon, and you want to learn all you can that might help you land the next big opportunity. You have so many thoughts in your head that it will be hard to know which ones to pursue. People around you might think you're just gazing off into space, and that's okay. They don't need to know that you're hatching an elaborate plan to take over the world!

You get a lot of fair and diplomatic energy when Mercury spends time in airy Libra in mid-September, and using charm and tact to get what you want is a winning plan. You're easily able to see both sides of every job-related and financial situation, which is good, but you don't want to sit too long on the fence because that could cause you to miss out on an important opportunity. Be willing to negotiate, but don't give up too much of what you want. It's only a compromise if you meet each other halfway.

Gemini 2019 Horoscope
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