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Thu, Jan 18, 2018 | Last Updated 7:43 pm IST

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Hiree Goes Freemium

Hiree Goes Freemium
Hiree Goes Freemium
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Hiree, an online hiring platform focused on helping job seekers find better jobs faster, today announced a new freemium model in order to further accelerate its growth. Acquired by QuikrJobs in July 2016 to strengthen its offerings in the white-collar job market, Hiree continues to disrupt online hiring with an alternative to the age-old subscription-based offering predominantly used across the industry. 

Hiree will continue to provide all services free of cost to job seekers. The new business model is however aimed at bringing added benefits to recruiters who will be able to post jobs and also access hundreds of candidate profiles for free. Additional candidate details and access to a larger number of applications are subsequently available on a subscription basis.

Hiree Goes Freemium

Hiree – The Superfast Hiring Platform
  • Over 19 Lakh job seekers
  • Serving the hiring needs of 2000+ companies
  • Offers recruiters 20x efficiency improvement in their candidate search
  • Tech talent forming the majority job seekers on the platform

Talking about the move, Manjunath Talwar, VP at QuikrJobs and co-founder at Hiree said, “Online hiring platforms have typically followed a premium subscription model for Employers. The way we see it, breaking away from the traditional route will bring more jobs online and that will come full circle to also create a larger online talent pool.” 

Amit Jain, Head of QuikrJobs said, “Online classifieds have always been freemium and Quikr’s success is testament to its benefits. QuikrJobs has also followed a similar strategy and it has made us the leader in blue collar hiring. Bringing the freemium model to white collar hiring will be a game-changer and we believe it will be a winning strategy for Hiree too.” Hiree which counts world's largest IT companies and India's highest valued startups in its customer list has a differentiated product development. It offers benefits like smart matching algorithms, real-time alerts and a unique private messaging system.

Its Android App for recruiters allows them to connect with candidates through call, WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail and schedule meetings in real-time for future discussion. The core technology of Hiree is built in a way to get most active candidates within search results improving hiring efficiencies. While Hiree focuses on white collar segment, QuikrJobs is a platform offering different solutions for Blue Collar, Grey Collar and White Collar jobs across India.

Courtesy by www.businesswire.com

Hiree Goes Freemium
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