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Sat, Jan 19, 2019 | Last Updated 4:19 pm IST

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5 soups to brighten a rainy day

5 soups to brighten a rainy day
5 soups to brighten a rainy day

A piping hot bowl of soup is the culinary equivalent to a warm hug especially during infamous Indian monsoons. We bring to you 5 such superb soup recipes that will make you forget all about the traffic snarls & icky puddles and rekindle your romance with the rains.

 5 soups to brighten a rainy day

Spiked Classic

The tangy sweetness of tomatoes makes it the perfect base for arange of soups – all you need is to stretch your imagination. Spike up your regular tomato soup with some roasted garlic and top it up with crunchy fennel flavoured croutons – you will be surprised how much of a difference adding two simple ingredients can make to a classic tomato soup and crouton combo.


Champion Chowder

Soups are generally meant to be a low calorie meals, but not chowders, chowders are a true blue comfort food that satisfy all your carb cravings. This one made with potatoes and sweet corn is served in a hard crust bread bowl - works every single time. Add some shredded chicken or roasted mushrooms for some extra bite and variety.


Corn espresso shots

Served in shot glasses this cream style corn espresso will warm you up way more than a cup of coffee ever can. The sweetness of creamed corn is balanced with a spice hit from chilli and the earthiness of bell pepper dices. We are sure you will love this one – just give it a shot, pun intended!


Clear cut comfort

The mélange of veggies like mushrooms, pakchoy and broccoli in a clear flavourful broth, this fuss free recipe is testimony to the fact that the simplest things in life are often the best. Add a dash of hot sauce to spike it up and glass noodles if you want to make it more wholesome.


High protein broth

A soup listicle without a good chicken one will never make the cut. So here it is a wholesome oriental style chicken broth complete with crunchy veggies and a perfectly poached egg sitting on top. Top this up with crunchy beansprouts and a squeeze of lime – you are sure to go to bed with a smile on your face. Probably wake up with one too!

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5 soups to brighten a rainy day
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