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Top 10 Traditional Holi recipes with a twist!

Top 10 Traditional Holi recipes with a twist!
Top 10 Traditional Holi recipes with a twist!
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Yes! It’s that time of the year when Rang barse in Big B’s baritone voice will play at every street corner adding to the entire colour induced holi fun. The best way to double up this festive joy is with some delicious food. Not just your ordinary holi food, but delicious glammed up versions of them. Take a look at these 10 quirky holi recipes that will make your holi party simply awesome!

 Top 10 Traditional Holi recipes with a twist!

Make hamar Gujiya unrecognisable! – Punjabi gujiya samosa Gujiya on holi is quite a requisite so this time try one with a surprise. Fill up the flaky short crust dough of a gujiya with a spicy aloo-matarPunjabi samosa mixture. This ‘best of both worlds’ recipe is sure to get you accolades of praise and trend setter status amongst your friends and family.Preparation Time: 15-20 minutesCooking Time: 25-30 minutes


Patta   party   – Ajwain ke patton ke pakode Why settle for just pakoras when you can make a crackling chaat out of it. Soft carom leaves or ajwain ke patte coated in pakodi batter and fried till it is crisp and has a beautiful golden brown hue. This deliciousness topped off with powdered spices, chilled yogurt and the standard ‘spicy green-sweet date’ chutney combo is street food in an uber chic avatar.Preparation Time: 8-10 minutesCooking Time: 5-10 minutes


Kuchh thanda ho jaaye – Thandai Cigars When your holi party is going on in full swing and people are expecting you to serve glasses of thandai, bring out these delicious cigars which offer all the gorgeousness of the thandai and more. Crisp fennel flavoured cigar tuiles, filled with a creamy mascarpone thandai mousse and served with crunchy butter roasted almonds – Need we say anything else?Preparation Time: 35-40 minutesCooking Time: 10-15 minutes


Karela ya karela? - Karela Chaat The karela in this karela chaat has nothing to do with the bitter vegetable itself. It is in fact savoury refined flour dough shaped likekarelas and fried to crisp perfection topped off with tantalizing chutneys, yogurt and boiled potatoes. What is in a name they say eh?

Cooking Time – 10 -15 minutesPreparation Time – 20-25 minutes


Keep Kalm and Kalakand The flavours and textures on this one are great! Imagine soft melt in the mouth saffron kalakand studded with chunks of dry fruits sitting on a crisp samosa patty nest. Making this one is as simple as eating take out and offers just as much satisfaction. Don’t forget to top it up with a few bright orange strands of kesar for more of the holi vibe! Preparation Time: 10-15 minutesCooking Time: 8-10 minutes


Gur naal ishq meetha – Jaggery Malpua

Using jaggery instead of sugar to make malpuas doesn’t make this dish any healthier, but does work brilliantly when it comes to flavour. The earthy jaggery taste when combined with the flavour of the desi ghee and creamy rabdi creates something that takes decadence to another level.

Preparation Time – 5-10 minutesCooking Time – 10-15 minutes


Panchranga Pichkari Pulao

A bunch of fresh veggies add plenty of colour, nutrition and bite to this festive pulao. Served with a cool raita and some achar it makes a complete no fuss meal for any party. Also it fits the festival vibe perfectly.

Preparation Time – 25-30 minutesCooking Time – 30-40 minutes


Fun Fusion Noodle baskets – pav bhaji schezwan styleThe delicious Mumbai style pav bhaji sabzi spiced up with schezwan sauce served in crisp noodle cups - gives you a pav bhaji experience that is familiar yet totally different.  A perfect little snack for an uber cool holi party!Preparation Time – 15 -20 minutesCooking Time – 30 - 40 minutes


Balle Balle – Teen dal ke dahi bhalle

Moong, urad and chana dal ground into a smooth batter and fried into delicious soft bhalle served with chilled yogurt and classic chutneys that go over any chaat. An all-time favourite for holi and once you taste it you will know why!Preparation Time – 15 -20 minutesCooking Time - 10-15 minutes


Malai maar ke – Malai gola phirni

Holi is celebrated during the onset of scorching summers in the country and this recipe will help you beat the heat perfectly. A creamy ricephirni and khus flavoured gola or ice popsicle sitting pretty in a martini glass make an unusual but great combo. A must try.

Preparation Time – 3-4 hours (or till the phirni chills in the fridge)Cooking Time – 1 hour

With a quirky menu like this, your holi party is going to be fun enough even if you decide to skip the balloon fights and greasy synthetic colors. If you still want to indulge in them we can’t complain cause - bura na mano holi hain!!!

Top 10 Traditional Holi recipes with a twist!
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