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Top 5 chaat recipes

Top 5 chaat recipes
Top 5 chaat recipes
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Chaat! Doesn’t the mention of this word set your taste buds watering!! Chaat is very close to what Indian food generally is – chatpata. It is a scrumptious blend of teekha, meetha, khatta, namkeen – absolutely tasty. The word ‘chaat’ is derived from the Hindi verb ‘chaatna’ which literally means ‘to lick one’s fingers clean’. While eating chaats on the streets of India is a great feeling, but recreating those delicious flavours in your home kitchen is equally satisfying. Take a look at these delicious chaat recipes on sanjeevkapoor.com that are perfect for your holi gathering!

 Top 5 chaat recipes

Anar aur Shakarkand Tikki Chaat The mixture of mashed sweet potatoes, fresh pomegranate pearls, paneer and spices, shaped into tikkis and shallow-fried in desi ghee – this colourful recipe is ideal for a festive family gathering. Served chaat style with a topping of spicy green chutney, sweet date and tamarind chutney and nylon sev!


Instant Dahi Wade

This recipe lets you enjoy the awesomeness of a dahi wada as long as you have some leftover rice and yogurt. Leftover rice turned into crisp vadas / pakoda’sand topped with chilled sweet yogurt, tantalizing chutneys and crispy fried curd chillies – this one is chaat at its best.


Pani Puri If you are talking about Indian street food you just can’t miss pani puri. Here is the recipe to make the delicious meetha, khatta and teekha paani for this universal favourite chaat. Fill radymade puris with simple boiled mashed potatoes or sprouts, add these delicious spiced paani and let the feast begin!


Dahi Gujiya Chaat Your holi feast is incomplete without Gujiya as much as it is without chaat and this recipe brings both these together beautifully. Dry fruit stuffed gujiyas topped with an array of chutneys and chilled flavoured yogurt.


Ajwain Pakoda Chaat You know how adding a pinch of carom seeds to a pakoda bater elevates it? It shouldn’t be hard to imagine how good these ajwain leaf pakodas are going to be. Carom leaves dipped in a simple pakoras batter and fried to a crisp and drizzled with chatpata chutneys and sweet dahi.

Top 5 chaat recipes
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