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      Sat, Nov 28, 2015 | Last Updated 8:17 pm IST


      Baahubali full of blunders?

      Young rebel Star Prabhas, Tollywood hot hunk Rana's Baahubali directed by Jakkana Rajamouli created wonders across the world with its visual extravaganza. Many celebrities from various fields flooded the filmmakers with appreciation and congratulatory messages. In the midst of all this, recently top south Indian director Gautam Menon made a shocking statement that he didnot like the film.

      Varun reveals secrets on 'Dilwale''

      Music is composed by Pritam Chakraborthy. The team recently release 'Gerua' song and it got huge praises from social media. Even celebrities praised the chemistry between Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan. Now Varun Dhawan has spilled some beans on the movie

      Court relief to Jeevitha?

      Jeevitha, former actress and wife of yesteryear actor Rajasekhar received huge relief from court when it gave her clean chit in a cheque bounce case. Jeevitha sometime back produced Yevadaie Nakente in 2007. During that time she borrowed some amount from Sama Sekhar Reddy and after much delay issued a cheque for Rs 25 lakhs for him. However the cheque bounced back and with Jeevitha not responding, he filed complaint against her in court.

      Radha Mohan thanks media and fans for success

      Now the Director Radha Mohan has took his Facebook profile and has thanked all the fans and media for providing huge success. He posted, "Very Happy and excited to share .." Uppu Karuvadu" has had an overwhelming response from the audience and the press. As the excitement continues, the number of shows in the theatres have increased.

      Top 5 Hot Jewish actress

      Hollywood is the biggest entertainment industry. The industry is gifted with lots of actors and film makers. The competition among the Hollywood celebrities is high. The industry welcomes lots of individuals of all religions, cast and other parts of the world



      Cartoon of the day

      11/28/2015 3:05:21 AM
      is thret to america