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      Sun, May 29, 2016 | Last Updated 1:34 am IST


      INSIDE STORY: Very Special Teaser for Janatha Garage

      Young Tiger NTR's Janatha Garage team earlier hinted about releasing the first look teaser of the film today on the occasion of Legend NTR Jayanthi. However the teaser release is postponed in the last minute. The makers are planning to release the teaser in June first week as Ramzan Special and very soon the date will be announced.

      INSIDE TALK : "Housefull 3" HOT Publicity Cheap Or Funny

      Promotions of some films in bollywood turn out to be more amusing and interesting than the movie in some cases. Bollywood movie ‘Housefull 3’ is one of the upcoming bollywood film for which the lead cast and makers have found funny ways to promote the film.

      Look how Akhil tortured Nitin

      Young hero Nitin is getting ready to entertain movie lovers on Telangana Formation Day, June 2nd with his romantic entertainer A..Aa under the direction of Trivikram Srinivas. Nitin is romancing hot beauties Samantha and Anupama Parameswaran in the film.

      Alltime blockbuster movies of Rajinikanth

      Superstar Rajini is considered as box office badsha of Tamilnadu and in south india too. His blockbuster movies is said to be the record creating movies of kollywood and later breaked by himself!.....

      Depp has filed a motion against Heard’s plea.

      Sources have stated that according to TMZ. Com it is said that Depp has himself filed a motion and has requested the judge to reject Heard’s plea for financial assistance and support. It is also stated that Depp and Heard, where Depp of whom is worth $400 million and he has possession of an island in The Bahamas, but he does not have a pre-nup agreement with him currently.



      Cartoon of the day

      5/28/2016 8:44:26 PM
      modi cabinet reshuffle