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      Mon, Feb 15, 2016 | Last Updated 2:21 am IST
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      Rajamouli planned to shelve Baahubali?

      Prabhas, Rana, Tamannah and the other members of Baahubali team recently attended the GAMA Awards in Dubai. As expected Baahubali amassed most of the awards across all the categories. At the event, Young Rebel Star Prabhas revealed several things about the magnum opus project and one of it is Rajamouli's earlier plan to shelve Baahubali.

      Top Actors Who Took Off Their Moustache and beard

      The mega star of Mollywood industry known for his stylish performance is Mammotty. In south India it is shame to see a man without his moustache. He acted in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar without Moustache and won the National Film award for the movie.

      EXCLUSIVE: NTR's home work for Janatha Garage

      Young Tiger NTR Mesmerized every one with his hair style in Nannaku Prematho. The hair style and beard became very popular with the youth and people have started sporting it. Now NTR is going to sport a new style for his next, Janatha Garage. He is currently growing hair and will start working on the new look once it is done.

      Top 10 movies of Trisha

      The former Miss Chennai Pageant Trisha’s first horror movie was Aranmanai 2. Sundar.C has directed the movie. She has played a supreme role in the movie. She got different experience after acting in a horror movie.

      Deadpool Movie Review, Rating

      Deadpool Review | LIVE UPDATES | Deadpool Rating | Deadpool Movie Review | Deadpool Movie Rating | Deadpool (2016) Review | Deadpool English Movie Review | Deadpool Movie Story, Cast & Crew on apherald.com


      Cartoon of the day

      2/14/2016 3:40:16 AM
      valentine day