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Sun, Sep 25, 2016 | Last Updated 2:18 pm IST

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Tadakha Reviews: Full Review | తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

Star cast: Naga ChaitanyaSunilTamannahAndrea JeremiahBrahmanandamVennela KishoreRaghu Babu

Director: Kishore Kumar Pardasani [Dolly] Konchem Ishtam - Konchem Kashtam Fame.

What Is Good: Naga Chaitnaya , Tamannah Skin Show, BGS of Thaman, Villain Ashutosh Rana Performance.

What Is Bad: Many Predictable Scenes, Not So Engaging Screenplay, Direction, Poor Editing, Less Entertainment Quotient. Boring Scenes: All songs expect ‘Maro O Maro’ , Entire Second Half.

Watch It Or Not ?:
Not Worth Buying A Morning Show Ticket, Wait For Its DVD.

Tadakha (Thadaka)Review: Story

Shiva Ram Krishna [Sunil] and Karthiki [Naga Chaitnaya ] are siblings who bond closely with each other from childhood. Due to sudden death of their father Nagababu, Sunil joins police force on Chaitu insistence. Sunil who lives always in fear finds it difficult to survey cop job but Chaitu being fearless stands as backbone to him solving curial cases. When everything looks running smooth city don Bagga [Ashutosh Rana ] finds out Sunil is a dummy police and Chaitu is leading him. What did Rana do to stop Chaitu ? How did brother duo Sunil-Chaitu keep check to Rana? Has to be seen on silver screen.


Tadakha (Thadaka) Review: StarPerformances

Naga Chaitanya has shown his true potential as mass hero in this flick. A lot of maturity can br sensed in Chaitu in terms of body language, and fight scenes. For sure this movie gives Chaitu his mark at few key scenes. Tammu has delivered a visual treat throughout the movie. Her role was short yet sweet. Andera was given limited screen space and she did justice to her role. She looked beautiful and even gave tough competition to Tammu. Aushtosh Rana performance is top top notch his expressions gains special appreciation. Brahmi, Jaya Prakash will make you laughs when they are onscreen.


Tadakha(Thadaka) Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Kishore Kumar [Dolly] has once again fall short in direction, screenplay and dialogues like his earlier film 'Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam'. His inexperience can be sensed through out the film. Thaman who is specialist in background score has did fabulous job as usual but his songs are not so soothing even on big screen. Cinematography by Arthur A. Wilson looks so bad. Editing by Gautham Raju is horrible, these days most of his film are like this only, only good thing in technical department is fights. Ram - Lakshman, Kanal Kannam as Ravi Varma has done extraordinary work, each fight look stylish and natural.


Tadakha(Thadaka) Review: Analysis

Tadakha came as only multi - starrer film this summer hit cmbo, Chaitu - Tammu working together, Sunil doing police officer role, being remake of hit Tamil movie 'Vettai' little curiosity awaked for tadakha movie, let see what it has for a common audiene. 

Film starts with childhood episode between Sunil- Chaitu which throws lights at close and caring bond both share. First half is filled with few light moments of brother senti of Sunil - Chaitu, romance chemistry of Chaitu and Tammu is entertaining and few well choreographed fight scenes. Brahmi makes you laugh for few minutes and villain Authosh Rana shows his acting skills. Overall first half is OK kind of stuff.

But second half is terrible than first half. Songs being misplaced, unnecessary fights are forced only to highlight Chaitu heroism on silver screen and for Akkeneni Fans. OMG in one scene Chaitu overtakes a running train to save Sunil, which makes you remember Balayya for few minutes. Cinematic liberty taken by director looks over the top at many instance, specially in climax.

Bottom-Line: Not Worth Buying A Morning Show Ticket, Wait For Its DVD.

Review board:
Cheruku Raja, Viswa Prasad, Shashikant.
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Hello our beloved APHerald.com readers, welcome to live tweet review of Tadakha Telugu 

                                                                     ----- THE END -----

Finnaly  got to climax. Full on fight scene and both Sunil and Chaitu showing their muscle power.
12:45pm: waiting for climax folks, film being bored past sometime.
Another twist in the movie...

 12:37pm: 'Gana Gana Bottu'  song shows up both lead pairs shaking their legs to beats of thaman.
12:35pm: Love Track between Chaitu and Tammu is back...
12:25pm: Sunil change in voice delivery at few scenes is nice, one more street smart plan of chaitu worked out well.
12:19pm: Chaitu helping Sunil to become tuff police officer was filmed neatly.
12:15pm: Chaitu and Sunil are looking more like blood brothers onscreen.
12:07pm: Chaitu will get his much awaited mass image at B-C centers with this film, Sunil at his best in senti scenes.
12:02pm: One more fight scene to elevate Chaitu mass image, couple of intresting twists are given by director dolly.
11:57am:  Ashutosh Rana expressions and performance is spell bounding.
11:52am: Tamannaah is eye candid on saree folks, here comes 'Subhanallah' song, Milky beauty dance moves and her special navel show are treat to watch.
11:40am: 'Vennela Kishore' entry is funny as NRI, who comes to marry Pallavi [Tamannaah].

                                                                     ------ INTERVAL ------

Ashutosh Rana comes to know a secret about shiva Ramakrishna [Sunil], here comes Interval block.
Nothing intresting is rolling in film folks, its more like daily soap between brothers and sisters
Much awaited beach song 'Mara O Mara' comes in folks. Tamannaah gave mind blowing visual treat.
Sunil successfully chased his second case getting popular in police department.
11:10am: Kanal Kannan has choreographed fights superbly
One more well canned fight and rain added special effects to it.
Andrea is giving tuff competition to Tamannaah in the song, she is looking glamorous Surprised
'Viyyalavaaru' song flashes in Tammu and Chaitu chemistry is looking great, Scenes between Tammu and Chaitu are entertaining.
Brahmi bringing smiles in hall with his comedy
Tamannaah looking cute in half saree 
Srinivas reddy did his regular comedy
10:45am: 'Jaya Prakash Narayana' did a comic entry Laughing
First fight breaks in, Chaitu did a fabulous work.
Sunil and Chaitu brothers chemistry is kewl
Sunil looks perfect in police uniform but his inbuilt comedy is still there...
'Tamannaah' and 'Andrea' entry's are colourful
10:25am: 'Brahmi' entry is kwel and his comedy scene between 'Rama Prabha' is funny.
Powerful entry of vilian 'Ashutosh Rana'
Song ends on sad note with Nagababu passes away, nice background score from Thaman to elevate the scene. 
10:18am: First song 'Nuvvu Nenu Bomma' poped in, Sunil dancing with grace  and Chaitu trying hard to dance.
10:15am: 'Nagababu' is father of Sunil and Chaitu and Tadakha  title card dropped in with crakers bursting loud

10:09am: A childhood episode is shown between Chaitu and Sunil.
10:05am: Chaged the screen... atlast movie titles are rolling 

Feel The Song at this Situation: Erakka Poyi Vachanu - ANR Super Hit

Omg this is the only first time that 'Bellamkonda Suresh' Film got late folks.Yell

Finally Titles rolling on but silently still some technical problem is running.

9:18am: Suprising to hear whistles at prasads as a mass indication to start the movie

Waiting for the movie to start past 10 to 20 minutes, sitting in the theater and listening 'King Nagarjuna' Greekuveerudu Songs. 

Chaitu has pinned all his hopes on Tadakha, wish he live upto his expectations and bounce back into success track.

Unexpectedly housefull folks, looks like Sunil and Naga Chaitanya Pulled the crowds in...

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