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Fri, Sep 30, 2016 | Last Updated 6:59 am IST

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Adda Telugu Movie Review, Rating

Adda Telugu Movie Review, Rating
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Star cast: SushanthShanvi
Producer: NagasusheelaDirector: Sai Karthik

తెలుగు రివ్యూ: అడ్డా

What Is Good: Anoop music, Few love dialogues, Shanvi glamour 

What Is Bad: Not so engaging screenplay, illogical songs-comedy scenes, Zero chemistry between lead pairs, actors like Kota, Dev Gill, and Nagineedu are wasted 

Boring Scenes: Many 

Watch It or Not?: Wait for its DVD, don’t make your independence day boring.

Adda Review
: Story

Abhi [Sushanth] is a specialist in breaking love pairs and he makes his survival with this making marriage registration office as his ADDA. Priya [Shanvi] daughter of a local goon, Shankar Patel [Nagineedu] approaches Abhi for help. Within few days of their interactions Abhi falls in love with Priya. What is the help which Priya wanted from Abhi ? What happened to love story of Abhi-Priya ? Did Abhi win her heart or not? Has to be seen on silver screen.

Adda Review
: StarPerformances

There is nothing big improvement in terms of acting by Sushanth when compared to his earlier films. Sushanth tried dancing but it lacked grace, his fight scenes looks artificial and overall he is far from OK in performance level.

Shanvi is a treat to watch on screen. Shanvi poured glam show but her cute baby face dominated her skin show. Talented actors like Kota, Dev Gill, and Nagineedu are limited to few scenes but they felt their presence. 

Adda Review
Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Debutant Sai Karthik had single handedly shoulder Adda movie with directing the film along with inking story, screenplay and dialogues, with many responsibility’s he failed to make audience sit for 149 minutes in cinema hall. Story line is fresh, few love dialogues are heart touching but there is no engaging screenplay throughout the film.

Anoop Rubens music is soothing to hear and even his BGS is good. Arun Kumar cinematography is fine, Goutham Raju could have edited many scenes and production values are very high with richness in every frame.

Adda Review

 Love stories are always best picked choice for any hero even though many films come in every time but what makes few of them work is impressive screenplay which misses in Adda movie. Director Sai  Karthik did not bring any fresh points onboard to make Adda love story entertaining rather lifted points from old book of cinema which we saw already. What spoiled the dish further is gay comedy track, hero centric subject, songs, comedy scenes drops in just to fill run time. What made Adda get rating its music, heroine glam show and few love dialogues which sounded like written from heart. 

Bottom Line :
Wait for its DVD, don’t make your independence day boring.

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