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      Thu, Jun 30, 2016 | Last Updated 1:59 pm IST

      Madhumati Telugu Movie Review, Rating

      - 0.5/5
      Madhumati Telugu Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

      What Is Good

      • Nothing So Special

      What Is Bad

      • Literally Everything
      Bottom Line: Mind Blocked Madhumathi


      Telangana Shakunthala, who wants to save their families ancestry properties and making their family marry their relatives. Continuing the same procedure forward she plans to make her niece Karthik (Vishnu Priyan) marry their close relative. But Karthik suffers from gynophobia. Telangana Shakunthala not listening to Karthik’s words plans to make him marry with the girl of her choice and Karthik turns the things around by saying he already got married to girl Madhumathi (Udayabhanu).

      To make his grand ma believe he brings Madhumathi to his house and lets her know everything happening around her. Who is Madhumathi? How Madhumathi pic did comes across Karthik? Will Shankunthala accept Madhumathi? Forms the rest of the storyline.

      Star Performance

      The performances in the film are very ordinary and never helps the film in anyway. Small Screen actor Udaya Bhanu after a gap of 10 years returns back to big screen as a lead actress with Madhumathi. Udaya Bhanu is just okay in her role, she could have worked hard on her histrionics. Udaya Bhanu glamor quotient is not high as expected. Vishnu Priyan made his presence felt in the movie. Diksha Panth is comfortable in exposing to core in her limited character. Rest of the characters have no significance in the film.

      Techinical Team

      Story of the film is very routine. Movie features a lady in the leading character and though it promises to be a women centric film never does justice to the premise. Director failed to elevate the main lead character to make emotional bond with the audience. The introductions scenes and dialogues are awful. The Direction of the film is bad, screen play of the film is flat and narration of the film is slow. Music of the film by Raj Kiran is very pathetic. Even Background score of the film never really was in the sync with the film. Editing of the film is not sharp. Editor could have easily cut short the film in the second half. Production values in the film are mediocre.


      First half of Madhumathi is flat, Second half where the real story starts off. But the film doesn’t fully satisfy you as the narration of the film never carry the momentum forward and the steam in the film is very slow till the end. Major drawback of the film is the director – screen writer Raaj who provided dragging Script and Horrible direction. On the whole, Madhumathi is a cheap attempt to cash on Udaya Bhanu and Cheap Content. Avoid it.

      Cast & Crew

      3.7 / 5 - (36 votes)
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