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Sat, Oct 1, 2016 | Last Updated 5:12 am IST

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 KVJ Full English Review || కృష్ణం వందే జగద్గురం: తెలుగు రివ్యూ

10:28 Am [IST]: Hi Tweet lovers, Here starts Krishnam vande jagadgurum Tweets
10:30 Am [IST]: Location: Cineplanet, Screen-1.  
10:32 Am [IST]: Entry Scene Starts with Rana as Abhimanyu ..., Rana as Ghatotkacha... Stage show is still continuing .... Surprisingly nice dialogue delivery from rana
10:34 Am [IST]: Good Dialogue:  "Ippudantaa necessity of living" , "Adi Kalaaa...niddarlo kanedi, idi kalla niddura lepedi"
10:36 Am [IST]: Ranga maarthanda B.Tech babu song... Realistic locations so far....
10:38 Am [IST]: Nice Lyrics: "Parabramha Paramesa paddati marcheyra ..... Janda pai kapi raajantu jenda agaraira"
10:38 Am [IST]: B.Tech Babu grand father Kota dies.
10:40 Am [IST]: Good Dialogue: "Ammanee samaajaani ammukuntara?", Good background score.. entry of krishnam vaande jagadrurum book
10:44 Am [IST]: Ballari mining mafia topic started with entry of  Nayan as TV journalist. And Rana along with Surabhi drama troupe came Bellari to fulfil his grand father last wish.
10:46 Am [IST]: Annapoornamma  on screen after long time.
10:48 Am [IST]: Funny Double Meaning Dialogue: "Meeru Night  Free ne naa", made audience clapping, and also whistles. Brahmi entrance as Rangastala Pandit [RamPam].... Few Laughs......
10:50 Am [IST]: Pathala Bhairavi drama: Rana as Thota Raamudu is nice but Bengaloe Padma as raakumari brings few laughs.....
10:58 Am [IST]: Rana's first clash with Reddappa is well shot. So far movie looked like an art film.
11:00 Am [IST]: Song After song after background song.... "Sammera reddy Sye Andri" song. More music than dialogues.  
11:03 Am [IST]: Samera reddy sizzled on screen with her sexy expressions and dance moves in Bellari babu song and entry of VICTORY VENKATESH for few minutes made audience go GAGA.  
11:07 Am [IST]: Good Dialogue: "60 harmony Pettalu oke saari aarunnara sruthi lo mogite ella vuntundho vadu kodite alavuntundi"
11:08 Am [IST]:  Btech babu clash with police was well shot. Dialogues are good.
11:12 Am [IST]: Rampam [Rangasthala Pandit] comedy track followed by cruel scene from Reddappa gang
11:14 Am [IST]: Good Dialogue: "Garbha gudilo voorakuka vucha posinantha maatrana devudu maila padadu"
11:15 Am [IST]: Posaani on screen.... started his trademark action.
11:17 Am [IST]: Good Dialogue: "Bathuku kodiguddu laantidi bayya, Edi pillavuddo, Edi amlet avuddo teliyadu", you should hear Posani saying it in his style :)
11:20 Am [IST]: B.Tech babu first fight with reddappa gang is bit of artificial but seems to be important to story
11:22 Am [IST]: Good Dialogue: "Reddappemo mining kosam, Mee media emo audience kosam ... tavvukondi"
11:24 Am [IST]: "Spicy spicy girl song", Nayantara is not hesitating for the skin show but  looking as elder sister or may be like aunty beside Rana - Probably these sort of songs should have been avoided for this story track.  
11:30 Am [IST]: Ranas birth flashback ... Reminds you 1980 days cinemas with harischandra padyaalu in the background.    
11:34 Am [IST]: Forest fight ... well shot, Manisharma mesmerizing again with his background score.  
11:38 Am [IST]: Intermission bang with the rana nayan vehicle bumping into pond.... Not so kewl actually.  
11:40Am [IST]: Did you see gamyam? Did you see vedam? If yes, you Know the taking of Krish... hard core movie fans will see Krish within every scene. Background score with the background songs by SPB let you involve in to movie more and more, However as the movie revolves around mining mafia thousands and lakhs rupees of corruption and all that... They make you feel these are the regular issues I am seeing in news papers or TV's  but has trouble in letting you identify hero or lead characters with you.
11:44 Am [IST]: Villan action and expressions are nice, Forest location with proper lighting and slang of people dialogues are very apt.
11:56 Am [IST]: "Arare passi manasa song.." Nayan looks Sexy in white saree and red blouse, Rana always had trouble in giving different expressions... He is lot lot better within this movie.  
11:59 Am [IST]: Art director did a good job, nice lyrics, music ,enjoyable song... could have been lot better if Nayan is 5 years younger. 
12:07 Pm [IST]: If you are a movie fan.... Not talking about hero and heroine fans.... But movie fans..... Telugu movie Fans.... you should watch this film at least for dialogues and the way they are delivered.
12:10 Pm [IST]: Good Dialogue: "Konni chaavulu choosi jaali padakoodadu, Garvapadaali"
12:14 Pm [IST]: Good Dialogue: "Amma tommidi nelalu moste putta manukuntaaru kondaru, Naanna pakkalo 10 nimashalu sukhapadite puttakantaaru kondaaru"
12:16 Pm [IST]: Another item song... Not something you expect it neither enjoy at this part of movie. Second half is little boring with no key points to take the movie forward.
12:20 Pm [IST]: Krish may wanna show this movie isn't a art film with this jazzy song of skin show and many girls with two piece attire.... not opt for the movie.
12:21 Pm [IST]: Funny Dialogue: "Hey Allah, Malleenvachindi pilla", Posani turning out to be the only entertainer of the film.
12:23 Pm [IST]: Rana action in this emotionally peak scene is very nice, Nice twist about Villain.
12:33 Pm [IST]: Raghu babu as dumb person acting is good.  
12:34 Pm [IST]: Ultimate song of the movie as a drama on screen, Reminds me my childhood of seeing such dramas in Tirunaalla or Jaatara. 
12:38 Pm [IST]: Ranna as lord "Narasimha" along with Red color lighting... sooper Maaaan...
12:47 Pm [IST]: Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum background song is much needed and the whole background score is good.
12:46 Pm [IST]: Climax fight scene looked very unrealistic with fire flames all around. Rana showing his well built body with six pack is only good part in climax    
12:49 Pm [IST]: Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum : More than Drama, Less than Movie [ >Drama and
--- THE END----        

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