Actress shocked as her 'SEXUAL IMAGES' with Husband has been LEAKED !

1 years ago -

These days privacy concern has became a huge concern for most of the actresses. Most of the leading actresses have been a victim to leakage of private photos. Now the latest victim is Kannada actress Sonu Gowda. She recently featured in few Tamil movies.

She is known for movies like 'Aanmai Thavarel', '144' and 'Naarathan'. She also acts in three projects in Tamil. Now recently images of Sonu Gowda with an unknown guy went viral. Also some vulgar comments were passed on the actress.

Sonu who was shell shocked said that the unknown guy was her husband and she was shocked as her private images were leaked. She also has lodged a complaint on the miscreants who uploaded those images. IP address of those who uploaded were being tracked by Cyber crime.

Bangalore Head Office is right now tracking the images uploaded server. Police also deleted all the images which went viral on social media. Police also warned not to spread the images through WhatsApp or other medium as that might trouble the actress further.