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      Mon, Jul 25, 2016 | Last Updated 7:49 am IST

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      Yevadu Telugu Movie Audio (Music) Review, Rating

      Yevadu Telugu Movie Audio (Music) Review, Rating
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      Yevadu Music Director – Devi Sri Prasad.

      Yevadu Lyricists – Krishna Chaitanya, Sirivennela Sitarama Sastri, Ramajogayya Sastry, Chandrabose.

      Yevadu Singers – Devi Sri Prasad, Suchith Suresan , Karthik,  Shreya Ghoshal, Ranjith, Mamata Sharma, K.K, David Simon, Andrea, Sagar , Ranina Reddy.


      Yevadu song 1 – Freedom


      Krishna Chaitanya lyrics are energetic and meaning full boosting youth & their thoughts. Suchith Suresan sounded powerful and variations in his voice are also soothing. Devi Sri Prasad music is fantastic and his gelling different music instruments gave special touch to the song. This song will be an instant hit.




      Yevadu song 2 – Neejathaga 

      Legend Sirivennela Sitarama Sastri garu once again proved that he is best in writing romantic songs with Neejathaga song. Karthik and Shreya Ghoshal recreated the magic of romance in air through their beautiful voices in this song. DSP is king in composing slow romantic songs which happened here too.  Neejathaga will definitely stand in top 5 songs this year. Every section of audiences will sink into this songs the moment its heard.




      Yevadu song 3 - Ayyo Papam

      Ramajogayya Sastry garu inked very entertaining song this time too as usual, he is slowly becoming first pick for writing item songs in Tollywood. Kevvu Keka song fame Mamata Sharma has given her raw flavor voice in the song which sounded apt to the music scored by DSP and Ranjith has complemented her well. No other music director can beat Devi in giving fresh item songs film by film, he is too good at doing this. This song will be big hit at masses within seconds.




       Yevadu song 4- Cheliya Cheliya

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      Chandrabose lyrics are fine to hear and every word sounds the pain which hero goes throughout the song .Bollywood singer K.K who rarely sings Telugu songs gave his best in this song. But throughout the song music has dominated singer and lyricist. All you hear is high drum beats, piano which will make this song hear more than couple of times to like it. DSP’s attempt for trying something new song like this is worth appreciable.  




      Yevadu song 5 - Oye Oye


      Lyricist Sri Mani who created waves with fresh lines in Julayi songs, has written new sounding lyrics to Oye Oye. Both the singers David Simon and Andrea, brought western feel to the song. DSP has interestingly clubbed his mass beats along with favorite saxophone musical instrument, one should accept the smartness DSP applies in his songs. This song might night gear up fastly but slowly it will force you to get addicted.




      Yevadu song 6 - Pimple Dimple

      Ramajogayya Sastry garu penned naughty theme one as his second song in Yevadu and every line in lyrics sounds filled with naughtiness. DSP brother Sagar and Ranina Reddy filled the song with their personal touch. This song sounded more like one of Devi Sri Prasad signature stuff. This song will attract all section of music lovers.



      Yevadu Songs Analysis

      Devi Sri Prasad gave youthful fresh songs and proved his versatility.



      Yevadu Songs | Yevadu Audio Review | Yevadu Music | Yevadu Latest News | Yevadu Promo Songs | Yevadu Audio | Yevadu Latest Updates | Yevadu Music Director | Ram Charan Yevadu
      Directed by: Vamsi Paidipally
      Ram Charan Teja
      Allu Arjun
      Shruti Haasan
      Yevadu Audio Review
      Yevadu Songs | Yevadu Audio Review | Yevadu Music | Yevadu Latest News | Yevadu Promo Songs | Yevadu Audio | Yevadu Latest Updates | Yevadu Music Director | Ram Charan Yevadu
      Yevadu Audio
      Date published: 07/01/2013
      5/ 5 - (1 votes)
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