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      Sun, Jun 26, 2016 | Last Updated 8:10 am IST

      Sex movie with Udayabhanu?

      Sex movie with Udayabhanu?

      Though she is just an anchor and is occasionally seen in item songs, Udayabhanu has got a good following among the youngsters. This is because of her native sex appeal and her bubbly naughtiness which gives a thrill. But right now it is heard that this girl is creating some trouble on her movie sets.

      Recently it was reported that Udayabhanu was being seen as the leading lady for the film ‘Madhumati’ wherein she is playing the role of a prostitute. But now it is heard that Udayabhanu has begun losing interest in the film as she feels it is looking more like a sex film than a performance oriented film.

      Some other sources say the producer is having a tough time with Udayabhanu because she is coming up with unreasonable demands in terms of amenities and other expenses. It is not known who is right at this point but one thing looks clear, ‘Madhumati’ will take a longer time than expected to get completed.

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      Some of the comments on my recent writing and some of the emails I've received have been... well, mean.