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      Sat, Jun 25, 2016 | Last Updated 7:31 pm IST

      Prabhas' pori eager to marry

      Prabhas' pori eager to marry
      Young Rebel Star Prabhas may havve postponed his marriage so that he could complete Rajamouli's prestigious venture Bahubali without any disturbances or distractions. However Prabahs' pori is not having any such qualms. She says she is ready for marriage.  She is none other than tall beauty Anushka who seduced Prabhas in Mirchi. Anushka is doing the same even in Bahubali as Devasena. Speaking to media Anushka said media is performing her marriage many times right from her first film. She said however now she is ready for marriage and it may be even love marriage but she has to find a right person.  She says if she spellout her wish list she may not get married at all. Anushka's bilingual entertainer Varna is releasing this month end. Bahubali is slated for release only after another year and according to indications, Anushka may not be single by then.
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