by: saraswathi nikhil  |  October 18 2012 17:29 [IST]
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 Till sometime back, the beauty of a heroine was measured by her face and after few years it came to her sex appeal. So, many of the cinema people began to discuss on the navels of heroines and how beautiful they are. But now, the area of attention has changed and it is shifting towards the hips. Most of the heroines are putting special efforts to have the most curvaceous hips and already Ileana and Tamannah are considered the ones with the sexiest hips. But they are likely to get a tough competition and this is from Amala Paul. The dusky lady started her career with rather domestic roles. But with time passing by, Amala seems to have realized the importance of working on the sex appeal. She then went for a special trainer and the wow factor of her hips was seen. Recently she was seen at the launch of ‘Iddaru Ammayilatho’ and many could not take their eyes off Amala’s curvaceous hips.
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