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Tue, Apr 25, 2017 | Last Updated 1:58 pm IST

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Dilsukhnagar blast convicts breath fire

Dilsukhnagar blast convicts breath fire
Dilsukhnagar blast convicts breath fire
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Dilsukhnagar blast in Hyderabad sent shivers down the spines of peace loving people of the city. After years of investigation, a trial court convicted Indian Mujahideen terrorists along with Yasin Bhatkal to death sentence. 

Dilsukhnagar blasts left 18 dead on Feb 21,2013. The metropolitan judge sentenced them to death for the bomb blasts in 2016. Now the IM operatives along with the dreaded Yasin Bhatkal wrote a letter stating that they wanted him to be punished for the judgement which they claim was given in a hurry. 

Dilsukhnagar blast convicts breath fire

They wrote a letter which ran “We have already made several complaints against you during the trial to the Supreme Court, High Court, and some other institutions. And we are eagerly waiting for the inquiry against you,”
The Letter signed by the five terrorists continued “You were so adamant in convicting us. Hope these authorities will take action against you," 

The Letter ended “We were sure and we were also aware that in this case, right from the first day of trial, you were following the case of Ajmal Kasab. We understood that you were always in a hurry to dispose of this by convicting us irrespective of the evidence,”

They warned “Since we do not have faith in you and since you did not consider any of the law points cited by our counsel, we are sure that even at this stage you will not consider any argument. So we do not want to advance any argument at this stage as we do not have any faith in you.” 

They added “Whatever punishment you are going to impose, we have every right to appeal against your judgement,” The convicted include Yasin Bhatkal alias Mohammed Ahmed Siddibappa from Karnataka, Asadullah Akthar from Uttar Pradesh, Zia-ur-Rahman alias Waqas from Pakistan, Tahseen Akhthar from Bihar and Aizaz Shaik from Maharashtra. 

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