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Thu, Jun 29, 2017 | Last Updated 2:39 am IST

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PAK to hang PM Modi?

PAK to hang PM Modi?
PAK to hang PM Modi?
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Pakistan is not toning down its belligerent attitude despite India defeating it in three wars and it lost Bangladesh during the conflict. 

Pakistan is continuously igniting terror attacks in India which forced PM Modi's Union Government to direct Indian army to conduct surgical strikes. 

PAK to hang PM Modi?

But even after surgical strikes, Pakistan didnot change and this came as a shock for India. It kidnapped former Indian naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav from Iran and sentenced him to death accusing him of organising unrest in Balochistan. 

India took Pakistan by surprise taking the matter to International Court of Justice and exposed Pakistan lies. In the midst of all this while many Indian channels covered the developments, former Pakistani soldiers who participated in the shows, shocked all accusing PM Modi of indulging in terrorist activities and dared that they will hang him too. 

Many say Pakistan is furious with Modi for exposing it completely at various international forums and with the surgical strikes. With opposition parties like Congress,left and others not supporting PM Modi and some leaders like Manishankar Iyer, Digvijay Singh went to Pakistan and begged their help to remove Modi as PM accusing him as a terrorist, Pakistan is getting emboldened. Pakistan's acts are making all Indians angry. 

PAK to hang PM Modi?
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