Bapiraju Mustache can't fight Telengana

July 30 2013 11:23
 Bapiraju Mustache can't fight Telengana

 His handlebar  moustaches had been a great hit with Indira Gandhi who gave him political life and promotioninCongress.

Today even after 40 years the barrel moustaches of Kanumuri Bapiraju, the MP from Narsapur in West Godavari District were still bright and bristle but appear they had no influence or impact on Sonia Gandhi.

Bapiraju announcement today that his moustaches were alright to look at  but had had no strength to stop Telangana is an understatement. 'Bapiraju in lighter vein said  his mush  could win hearts of girls even today  alright but politically they were little under weight  or weightless.

Bapiraju had in  early eighties  won the heart of  Indira Gandhi with his barrel moustaches and his driving skills  when he visited state when she was not in power  but  CM Marri Channa Reddy  stood with her and gave rebirth to the congress in the state  in face of  rivals like Vengal Rao and  K Vijaybhaskar Reddy.

Bapiraju photos proudly standing next to her  in chair  had  won world wide  applaus  and every body thought  Bapiraju was a prince of Andhra who had won heart of  Indira Gandhi . He had won her heart but only as a politician .



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