by: KSK  |  February 24 2014 09:41 [IST]
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After Andhra Pradesh state separation is finalized and complete packages are announced to Andhra and Telangana its Andhra region who really need to react quick to situation making their capital as early as possible with a low budget. Many places in Vijayawada and Vishakapattanam are considered for this.  But land required for this is not enough and finally there comes a new name “Donakonda” as a new capital for Andhra and Rayalaseema. As per latest sources IYR Krishna rao report suggests that Donakonda will be perfect place for a capital as it occupied by 54k acres of land that belongs to government. As Krishna river water are also near to it there is much scope for people to stay here and an international airport can also be built in this area as already there was a aero drum located here which was built by British in the times of second world war. This report is sent to central government for consideration and soon after their acceptance there will be start on work for new capital.  

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