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      Mon, Jul 25, 2016 | Last Updated 7:47 am IST

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      Chammak Challo Telugu Movie Review, Rating

      Chammak Challo Telugu Movie Review, Rating
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      Chammak Challo: Tweet Review || తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ || తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

      What Is Good: Beautiful & sexy Catherine Tresa, Shayaji Shinde as college professor.
      What Is Bad: Varun Sandesh, Sanchita Padukone, Romantic track between leads, Dead slow narration, Entire technical team.
      Boring Scenes: Uncountable
      Watch It Or Not ?: Save your time and money by skipping this flick.    

      Chammak Challo Review : Story

      Kishore [Avasarala Srinivas] is an aspiring filmmaker who returns to India and keeps looking for an interesting love story. Accidently Kishore catches up with Appa Rao [Shayaji Shinde] and knowing about kishore film plans, Appa rao tells, real life love story of Shyam [Varun Sandesh] and Anshu [Sanchitha] to him, but he unfinishes it. What was the love story? Did Kishore got to know about the complete love story? Did he make a film out of it? has to be seen on the silver screen

      Chammak Challo Review : Star Performances

      Varun Sandesh 'OH MY GOD' looks terrible onscreen, especially with his awkward hair style and annoying mustache, you will feel Tamil heroes are good looking than him. Even on the performance bases Varun disappoints you alot, little freshness and onscreen presence he had in 'Happy Days', 'Kotha Bangaru Lokam' are lost totally. He can't pull off simple dance moves and in romantic scenes [two liplocks]  he looks dumb. Sanchita Padkone is one more big minus in the film. She does not posses a bright onscreen presence or worthy acting skills to cover her non-glamoures side. One good thing is her bright smile and she could use it for toothpaste adds for sure. Catherine Tersa is treat to watch onscreen, she is beautiful and sexy. Her eyes are expressive and shows she has great potential to become a star heroine soon. Shayaji Shinde entertains you as college professor, Vennela Kishore bought few laughs and Avasarala Srinivas role was short yet neat.

      Chammak Challo Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

      National award winning film maker G. Neelakanta Reddy has tried his hand to present a soft love story and it completely backfired. His slow narration in the film irritates you and doubt's his credibility, who impressed with his earlier films and bagged national awards for his terrific work. Music composed by Kiran Varanasi is unimpressive, except 'Chandamama' song, remaining songs sounded unbearable and even his background score is poor. Ranganath Gogineni cinematography is not upto the standards of feature film and even songs were filmed too casually. Editing by Nagi Reddy is one more disappointing factor and he could have trimmed many scenes to save audience from slow narration. Dialogues are uninteresting and production values are also low.

      Chammak Challo Review : Analysis

      With USP's such as National award winner directing the film, introducing fresh faces to Telugu industry [Sanchita, Catherine], and with a tag line of 'Love ki logic ledhu', one expects a interesting screenplay based romantic love story but after 15 minutes you will sense that your bucks were dumped into water. First half of the film runs with dead slow narration and unimpressive love track between Varun - Sanchita. Few scenes like Sayaji Shinde trials to make Varun - Sanchita fall in love, uninteresting conversation of Varun - Sanchita looking at stars in sky, over natural proposal scenes between Varun and Sanchita spoils your mood and irritates you. Second half has little relief for you with the entry of hot Catherine character and Vennela Kishore lite comedy. Both their roles are short but leaves their mark on your mind. Slow narration pinches you yet again soon with love track bouncing back. Director should know why two lip-locks scenes are forceably thrown into the film. Reasons shown for break-up & patch-up of Varun-Sanchita looks silly and shows lack of inexperience Neelakanta has in handling love stories.

      Chammak Challo Review : Conclusion

      Pros :
      • Beautiful Catherine Tresa

      • Shayaji Shinde as college professor
      Cons :
      • Varun Sandesh

      • Sanchita Padukone

      • Romantic track between leads

      • Dead slow narration

      • Entire technical team
      Bottom - Line : Chammak Challo is a film with dead slow narration & uninteresting love story and did not match to standards of director 'Neelakanta'  

      Chammak Challo Review: Cast & Crew

        Raja can be reached at: Cherukuri.Rajanaidu@apherald.com Editor can be reached at: editor@apherald.com

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