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Sat, Oct 1, 2016 | Last Updated 3:28 am IST

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Baadshah Movie Review, Rating

Baadshah Movie Review, Rating
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Baadshah: Tweet Review || తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ || తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

      What Is Good: NTR & his amazing dance, Sr.NTR imitation & Sangeeth, Brahmi hilarious comedy, Sreenu, Kona & Gopi proven entertainment tracks, Mass Elements, Rich production values. 
What Is Bad: Climax, Shuttle service between Hong Kong, Italy and India, Action sequences were rich but not great, NTR's Don and Climax getup's could be better.
Boring Scenes: Mafia episode of NTR before pre - interval, Unappealing Interval bang, Climax.
Watch It Or Not ?: Pakka commercial mass-family entertainer with something for everyone. Do not miss this movie.  

Baadshah Review : Story

Master mind of Mumbai bomb blasts and international mafia don Saadhu Bhai [Kelly Dorji] collapsing India economy. Ranjan [Mukesh Rushi] takes care of Saadhu's business in Hong-Kong and he also happend to be father of Baadshah [NTR]. Baadshah plays a mind game to take over entire mafia kingdom and end Saadhu... Situations turnup in such a way that Baadsha lands in Milan, Italy where he meets Jaanaki [Kajal], Eventually they fall in love and Jaanaki father happen to be Hyderabad commissioner of police [ Nasser]. What's the mind game of Baadshah? Why does he want to go against his fathers boss? What does Jaanaki got to do with it and how Nasser gets connected to this whole story plot? What happend to Ramarao & Janaki's love? Has Baadshah became emperor of mafia or is there hidden side to it? to be seen on silver screen.


Baadshah Review : Star Performances

NTR performed multi-shaded characters with ease, his killer dancing skills are visual treat to watch, his settled dialogue delivery in Baadshah character and Telangana slang is delight to hear & watch on silver screen. Single word for Jr. NTR performance 'He is not Junior anymore from now everyone will call him NTR'. Brahmi is not just comic character but second hero with given good amount of run time in the movie.His hilarious character as Pilli Padmanabha Simha makes you sink in ocean of comedy and undoubtedly bags awards for sure.   Kajal role is tiny yet important, While we get an impression that she is matching NTR at times, overall she looked beautiful compared to her recent films. Her quick innocent one liners, sizziling chemistry with NTR and also her attempt to match dance moves with NTR deserves special appreciation  Like Dookudu M.S Narayana gave life to character 'Revenge Nageshwar Rao' and even though he emitted many directors but humor he generated his hilarious. As in Dookudu M.S Narayana gave life to character 'Revenge Nageshwar Rao' and even though he emitted many directors but humour he generated is hillarious. Navadeep was given a meaty character and his performance was okay. Suhasini, Siddharth, Nasser, Vennella Kishore roles are short but they have put a noticable effort in the movie. Jayaprakash, Asish Vidyarthi, Pradeep Ravath and more than dozen other characters were wasted. 

Baadshah Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Srinu Vaitla managed to retain his Number 1 Entertaining Director of Tollywood title, and proved it yet again that he is best in generating entertaining films any day. As like in all other previous films of Srinu... His strength in showcasing star power of hero combined with Comedy, Crime & Mass elements came out perfectly in this flick too. The 10 years old star-trio-combo of Srinu Vaitla-Kona Venkat-Gopi Mohan had recreated magic of HIT pakka commercial mass yet entertaining film. As in all other movies of this gang... Baadshah story plot and screenplay contains multiple twists till the climax and kee audience surprised and excited. One liner punch dialogues became common in these days, but the trio gave punch dailogues in a way that you would keep hearing them from begin card to end card non-stop. They are AWESOME.. and FRESH. Thaman music is not quite remember able when you hear, but when you see NTR moving his body so magically for these beats... impact of the songs gets multiplied, rich locations added with good camera work make these songs treat to watch. Cinematography by Guhan is mesmerizing, he canned songs & show cased important places like Milan & spain beautifully. Editing by M. R. Varma could have been better, he had opportunity to use scissor more during first half of flick. Fight master Vijayan cheorgrahed every fight sequnence in stylish pattern with natural feel to the fight scene but they weren't projected well.. may be director should take its responsibility. While Bandla Ganesh sounded exaggerative all these days... actually out was quite rich and matches with what he was talking all these days, Director made every penny spent by producer visible on screen. But at times for the sake of grandier they have created few over head plots / characters.

Baadshah Review : Analysis

NTR is certainly known to every telugite not just as Heir of Nandamuri Dynasty but for his true passion and performance abilities. Since he started second innings with Yamadonga, NTR started playing roles suiting his age and with more subtle action, however actor wasn't doing great at box office lately. It's been three years since NTR had anything closure to HIT. Baadshah is surely critical for NTR. Also Baadshah opened the summer season at box office leaving all trade pundits go keen on its results. From creating Baadshah title with diamonds till Hero landing in helicopter you will notice the richness in every frame of the film. Srinu, Kona & Gopi trio created grandier visual representation of what can also be called as single point story line, Added their trade mark comedy plots much more than any of their films so far in the last ten years, AMAZING one liner punch dialogues through out the film are added bonus in this movie. While fans and audience go to this movie for NTR, they would soon realize this is Srinu gang movie rather NTR's. In other words, big star like NTR gave free hand to these creative combo and acted as directors actor truely, this is good indication and sets positive trend in industry, must be appreciated. Movie started with serious note, mafia, bad boys, guns, lot of firing, blood and all that... finally introduces NTR in formulaic manner. Suddenly movie takes a quick romantic turn and goes to Milan [Italy], get slowed down in its pace... While the romance between leads was okay, there are certainly few not-so-good scenes during this time and all of the sudden movie goes serious yet again with few flash back episodes coming in more bad boys introduced, lot of killing and it jumps back into romantic track. Through this time, it feels like there are humpty number of characters introduced, with a special introduction block to each of them which would look like many sub-plots within the single line story, also keep jumping between Hong-Kong, Italy and India... You may not like this quite much but NTR on screen, with added dialogues, wonderful dance moments followed with rich frames and few twists will let you get along with the movie.   Later part of the movie goes into family backdrop, like in all other Srinu Vaitla movies, there is big family and a bakara, where Hero goes to tap into bakara to get this work done... it's that simple. But the creative comedy and the way how suspense was upheld till last minute, Bringing Sr.NTR on to the screen at all times required, injecting a item song without disturbing comedy plot as well bringing all aunties together for a Sangeeth Medley of Sr.NTR alltime hits were the sellers of Movie to mass, class, youth and everyone.You would just see a character rather hero or NTR, that is the how NTR gave flexibility to director and it worked for sure. Technical team could have done more home work in presentation of NTR. he was cute [Yeah, Seriously] in songs than in full length charecter. Making NTR do more than 3 shades within same movie was also Srinu trade mark but NTR did it best than any other hero so far in Srinu movies. Last but quite important Bramhanandam is the HERO of the film after NTR.... I am Fire... I am the Fire would be heard on road ways, corridors for few more weeks guaranteed.

Baadshah Review : Conclusion

Pros :
    • NTR & his amazing dance

    • Sr.NTR imitation & Sangeeth

    • Brahmi hilarious comedy

    • Sreenu, Kona & Gopi proven entertainment tracks

    • Mass Elements

  • Rich production values
Cons :
    • Climax, Shuttle service between Hong Kong

    • Italy and India

    • Action sequences were rich but not great

  • NTR's Don and Climax getup's could be better
Bottom - Line : Entertainment guaranty, treat for Nadamuri fans. Raja can be reached at: [email protected] Editor can be reached at: [email protected]

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