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Mon, Sep 26, 2016 | Last Updated 7:21 pm IST

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Back Bench Student Telugu Movie Review

Back Bench Student Telugu Movie Review
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Back Bench Student: Tweet Review || తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ || తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

    What Is Good: Piaa Bajpai acting, Ali comedy  
What Is Bad: Entire technical team, Predictable story, Mahat and Archana Kavi performances, Romantic track between lead pairs, No entertainment.  
Boring Scenes: Complete first half, Climax, Songs
Watch It Or Not ?: Even back bencher wouldn't want to waste their time with this movie.    

Back Bench Student Review : Story

Karthik [ Mahat Raghavendra] is a happy go lucky person with a credit of 16 backlogs in his B tech. His college girl friend Priyanka [Archana Kavi] breakup with him and leaves US to finish MS. Mean while Chitra [Piaa Bajpai] comes into Karthik life, help him get a software job and eventually both fall in love. But Priyanka misses him so badly and drops her Ms incomplete and get backs to Mahat. What happens in this triangle love? Did he accepts Priyanka back or not? has to be seen on the silver screen.

Back Bench Student Review : Star Performance

Mahat debut into Tollywood turns unfruitful with BBS. He did not fit into Karthik character even in single scene. He pulled out few dance moves but his falls short to show expressions in his face and his voice drags few key scenes too. Piaa Bajpai acting is one of the positive aspect of the film. Her screen presence is good, her natural performance steals the show. Malayalam actress Archana Kavi looks beautiful but she accompanies Mahat with poor acting abilities. Ali is another good part of the movie. He bought few laughs as 'No Diwakar'. Brahmi is not used properly and even his scenes as Kareena Kapoor did not generate any comedy.

Back Bench Student Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Madhu Sreedhar disappoints in every department he handled in BBS. His direction, story, screenplay, has totally messed up the feel of back bench student. Music composed by Sunil Kashyap is literally awfull and his BGS is too week. Prsad G.K cinematography is not up to the mark of 70mm screen. Editing by Dharmendra is unacceptably poor. Even the production values looks unnoticeable 

Back Bench Student Review : Analysis

With a fresh pairing of leads from Tamil industry, youthful story teller Madhura Sreedhar taking more responsibility than director, over the top publicity for the film and using big names like Dhoni, Sachin and many back bench as inspiration for this film, let see what we have from BBS. Film starts up fresh but drops next minute with slow moving of characters introductions & even the engineering track is not shown to fullest to entertain audiences. Both Mahat & Kavi irritates you with wooden expression and no soul in their romantic track. Presentation of flashback and present state of the character looks unrelated, screenplay totally misfired & will bore you a lot. The only best thing in entire first half is 'Jagada Jagada' song The saviors of the films comes in post interval as Piaa Bajpai and Ali comedy. Only because of these two 'ONE' rating is given to this flick. A lot of scenes were stretched over the top to bore you and iceing on the cake is not so funny scenes from Brahmi character 'Confused Kareena Kapoor'. Climax of the film looks practical in real life but the way it been narrated kills the soul & feel which director want to present in this movie.

Back Bench Student Telugu Movie Review Review : Conclusion

Pros :
  • Piaa Bajpai acting

  • Ali comedy

Cons :
  • Entire technical team 

  • Predictable story 

  • Mahat and Archana Kavi performances 

  • Romantic track between lead pairs

  • No entertainment
Bottom - Line : Back beach student is a flat soulless film.   Raja can be reached at: [email protected] Editor can be reached at: [email protected]

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